DIY home smokehouse

DIY home smokehouse

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A country house or dacha is the best fit for arranging your own small smokehouse, allowing you to enjoy delicious smoked meat, bacon, poultry or fish at any time.

The construction of a smokehouse will not require titanic financial costs or extremely deep knowledge in construction, and the result will surpass all expectations, because none of the most exquisite store delicacies can match the taste of homemade food cooked with your own hands.

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Approximate construction cost

The construction of the simplest summer cottage smokehouse will cost 1000-1900 rubles. To build it, you need the following items:

  • prefabricated brazier (180-245 rubles);
  • a metal dumpling maker (500-750 r), and for many this wonderful thing, similar to a massive honeycomb, could have been lying around since Soviet times;
  • two ordinary red bricks (13-17 rubles per piece);
  • metal grill (200 r);
  • metal tray (150 r);
  • a 5 liter saucepan or a metal bucket (180-500 r), of course, you do not need to buy new ones, you can take old ones as well, as long as they are clean and whole, without rust.

To make a smokehouse:

  • two bricks are placed in the brazier;
  • a saucepan is placed on top of them;
  • a lattice is placed in it as a support;
  • a tray or pallet is placed under the grate, where fat and juice will drain;
  • a massive metal ravioli maker is placed on the wire rack.

A simple smokehouse is ready. Now you need coal or firewood, as well as wood chips. You need to take chips so that they cover the bottom of a homemade smokehouse with a thin layer. A small handful is enough.

It should be remembered that in order to reduce the amount of hazardous substances emitted with smoke, the chips must first be thoroughly soaked.

The smoke should not be too much, as this will badly affect the taste of the dish, giving it a strong bitterness, and can even be harmful to health, causing digestive disorders and interruptions in the functioning of the pancreas.

Most often, wood chips from fruit trees - plums, pears, apple trees - are used for smoking. Alder chips will give smoked meats a slight sourness, and oak chips will give a pleasant and persistent aroma. Coniferous wood is categorically unsuitable for smoking - pine, spruce, fir, since they will give smoked meats a bitter taste.

If birch chips are used, then they must be without bark. To diversify the taste of smoked meats, juniper, mint, cherry or currant leaves are added to the chips.

The construction of a stationary brick smokehouse is already a more financially costly undertaking, which will cost $ 100-200.

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Do-it-yourself smokehouse

The first thing to do when building a stationary brick smokehouse with your own hands is to choose a suitable place for it.

Do not forget that its use is associated with fire, so it should not be adjacent to residential or household buildings.

The area allocated for the smokehouse should be at least 4 X 4 square meters. In addition, it should be erected so that it fits into the surrounding landscape as much as possible. It is better to choose a place on a hill with a slight slope.

What materials are needed

To build a smokehouse, you will need the following:

  • 150-200 pcs of bricks, only not silicate, because when heated, silicate can emit harmful substances;
  • dry mix for brickwork, clay mortar;
  • a pipe made of non-galvanized metal or an iron barrel without a bottom;
  • oven blower door or metal cover.

Construction description

Previously, they dig a trench in the ground for a chimney 25 cm deep, 35 cm wide and 3 m long.

After the trench has been dug, you can start laying the walls of the chimney channel, which is performed on the edge using exclusively clay mortar.

At the top, the channel is covered with a heat-resistant material, for example, a metal sheet 4 mm thick.

At the end of the chimney, a smoking chamber with an area of ​​1 sq. M and a height of up to 1.5 m is installed. In this capacity, a metal barrel without a bottom or a pipe is used.

It is quite acceptable to lay out the smoking chamber from the same brick. The main thing is that the chimney channel goes into the inner part of the chamber by at least 25 cm.After the brickwork is completely dry, it is sprinkled with a layer of earth at least 10 cm thick.

In the upper section of the smoking chamber, metal rods are installed, on which the products prepared for smoking are suspended. The chamber is covered with an oven door or a metal cover of suitable dimensions.

Homemade smokehouse for an apartment

It is not difficult to convert an ordinary pressure cooker into a small smokehouse, and you can use such a device not only in the country, but also in a city apartment.

First, the valve is removed from the lid of the pressure cooker, then the grate is cut out. It should be the same width as the inside diameter of the pressure cooker, and its height should be up to the middle.

The next thing to do is to bend a metal strip about 2-3 cm wide in a semicircle. Put it on the bottom of the pressure cooker and cover it with cherry or apple chips.

Then select a regular porcelain plate of such a diameter that small gaps remain between the walls of the pressure cooker and its edges. The plate will act as a tray for juice and fat. It is placed on a bent metal strip, a grate is placed on top, and products prepared for smoking, such as sausages or chicken legs, are placed on the grate.

Then they close the pressure cooker with a lid without a valve and, where the valve was located, a hose is inserted into the fitting, which is taken out into the exhaust hood or simply into the window.

The pressure cooker is put on high heat and the food is smoked for 30-35 minutes.

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Simple smokehouse from an old refrigerator

You do not need to throw away the used refrigerator. Better to turn it into a small and handy cold smoking chamber.

This is done very simply:

  • insulation, plastic sheathing, refrigeration unit are removed from the refrigerator, the sealant is scraped off the seams, if necessary;
  • the back wall of the refrigerator is covered with a piece of sheet steel;
  • then a hole is drilled in the upper wall of the freezer, where the smoke will go;
  • a pallet of suitable dimensions is placed in the lower part of the refrigerator, or, if there is none, made by hand from steel sheets with a thickness of about 0.5 mm;
  • an electric stove is placed under the refrigerator.

Chips are poured into a pallet in a thin layer and heated from below with tiles. Products for smoking are laid out on iron racks-shelves of the refrigerator.

In order for the sawdust to smolder weakly, but not to burn, it is necessary to block the access of oxygen to them as much as possible. For this, the refrigerator door is tightly closed with a latch.

It is not so important whether the smokehouse is made of bricks or made from the most elementary improvised means - the taste of homemade smoked meats of your own making will bring true pleasure.

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