Bonsai growth

Bonsai growth

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Question: Bonsai growth

I wanted to ask if I could give my bonsai vitamins or a substitute to take it back because it's dry how to do it again? Thank you Luca answer

Answer: Bonsai growth

Dear Luca,
it is not always possible to recover a plant subjected to strong water stress, much depends on the length of the period in which your plant remained completely dry, and obviously also on the plant species. If your plant has been thirsty for many days and has completely lost its foliage, then it is very likely that it is dead. If instead, by pruning the branches, you notice that they are still green and vital inside, it may be that you manage to recover it. Now it is certainly good to take the correct watering again, moistening the soil and repeating the operation when it has dried. The best method in these cases is watering by immersion, immersing the whole pot in water, and removing it only when the ground bread has completely rehydrated (about half an hour should suffice). In the nursery you can find suitable fertilizers in these cases, but avoid supplying them more than once, don't overdo the doses. Certainly it continues with regular watering, but avoids drowning the plant by watering it too often.