Guests at their summer cottage. How to get rid of ants in the garden?

Guests at their summer cottage. How to get rid of ants in the garden?

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Usually ants are considered tireless construction workers and good helpers in the fight against various harmful insects. But for gardeners and truck farmers, these insects are a real disaster.

Ants breed incredibly fast. After a short period of time, their number can increase by several tens of times. Such an army needs good food.

In an effort to find food, ant plague gradually spreads over the entire area of ​​the site. Insects do not disdain anything: they destroy seedlings, fruits, flower buds, berries, plant seeds, and eat up plant roots. Fighting ants, who threaten to leave the site without a crop - difficult and thankless business, because their number is huge, underground ant tunnels (shelters) can be measured in kilometers, and new mounds of anthills appear on the soil surface at a rate of 1-3 pieces per week. And yet, it is possible to cope with this misfortune.

Why is it so important to rid the garden or vegetable garden of ants?

In summer cottages, 2 types of ants are usually found: red myrmica and black garden ants. Insect nests are a complex system of oval chambers connected by passages. Very often, ants build an aboveground hill above underground nests, the so-called "ant heap", it warms up well with the sun's rays and the ant offspring develops in it much better.

The biggest danger posed by ants is considered to be the breeding of aphids.

IMPORTANT! It is the ants that cause the aphids to reproduce. It is much more difficult to cope with it and this insect causes much more harm!

Ants are very sensitive to this harmful insect, protect it, contributing to its active reproduction (they breed aphids), as they feed on semi-digested sap that aphids periodically release. As a result, hordes of aphids destroy young shoots and leaves of fruit trees, seedlings, flowers of berry crops. It is easy to guess that after such raids, you can not count on the harvest.

Another nuisance caused by ants is damage to the roots of fruit trees. Insects actively undermine the roots (especially if their house is built at the base of the trunk), the tree gradually withers and dries up after a while.

Ants do not mind eating already ripe fruits and berries. They especially love strawberries.

Ant control methods at their summer cottage

If on your site the main asset is a garden - the result of many years of work, you should take care of limiting the access of ants to trees. After their invasion, the root system of the tree may suffer, and aphids may appear, which the ants will propagate on young shoots and leaves.

There are several ways to prevent ants from accessing:

  • whitewashing with lime. The lime will scare away insects and discourage the urge to climb trees. For greater effect, it is worth treating the soil around the trunks with lime;
  • duct tape. By wrapping the trunks with adhesive tape, you can save trees not only from ants, but also from harmful caterpillars and small beetles;
  • foil skirts. Foil skirts can be made around the trunks. First, the lower part of the tree is wrapped with foil, then a semblance of a skirt is made on top, with sharp edges. Ants are not flexible, they will not be able to overcome sharp edges;
  • oil barrier. A girdle of any vegetable oil can serve as a barrier for ants (it is better than hemp oil, but getting it now is problematic, so you can use flaxseed or sunflower oil). Insects will not dare to get over the oil barrier.

If seedlings, vegetable and berry crops suffer from ants, more serious measuresaimed at the complete destruction of the harmful insect.


How to get rid of ants in the garden and on the site? Fighting ants with the help of chemicals is almost useless, because most of these insects are underground, among other things, they provide themselves with a lot of shelters and can hide in them at any time.

IMPORTANT! All insecticides are toxic and are primarily a threat to crops and fruit trees grown on the site.

Nevertheless, many summer residents choose this particular method, which is harmful, but does not require painstaking efforts. A wide variety of chemicals can be purchased in the "Everything for the garden and the vegetable garden" store. Means: "Thunder", "Muratsid", "Trinol", "Karbofos" will help in solving the problem, but not for long. Insects stay on the plots in an unmeasured amount, when treated with insecticides, only a small part of them will die, the rest will continue to multiply successfully.

Photos of chemicals:

Folk (humane) methods of getting rid of insects

  • destruction of aphids. This small insect serves as a source of sweet food for ants. It will not become her, the ants will gradually disappear from the site;
  • transfer of "ant heaps". The easiest and most efficient way. The anthill is carefully dug in with a shovel and transported away from the summer cottage. In every ant house there is a queen that lays eggs, from which larvae and adults then appear, haunting summer residents. It is also advisable to dig up the ground under the anthill (there may be larvae in it, as well as the ant queen itself) and take it outside the cottage;
  • deterrent smells. Ants do not tolerate strong odors. Garlic, cloves, laurel, anise, onions, valerian, marigolds will help to escort unwanted guests. Pieces of onion, garlic, ground cloves, anise can be spread around anthills, as well as on insect paths. Plant Valerian and marigold flowers throughout the site;
  • deterrents... Many affected summer residents share their methods of repelling these harmful insects. They recommend: sprinkle the anthill and paths with ash, lime, tobacco dust, bone meal, soot, red pepper;
  • the cleanliness of the suburban area. To fight annoying guests more efficiently, you need to clear your area of ​​half-rotten boards, rotten stumps where these insects like to gather. It is necessary to collect fallen fruits and berries in time, they attract ants with their sweet aroma.

Less humane but effective ways

  • poisonous bait. Usually baits are made using borax (1 hour spoon) and especially favorite products of ants (minced meat, egg yolk, honey). Pieces of this mixture are laid out over the entire surface of the site. After eating, the ants die after a while. Work with poison should be extremely careful, with gloves;
  • IMPORTANT! Poisonous baits can attract not only ants, but also domestic animals, which the owners bring with them to their dachas!

  • millet groats... Insects simply adore millet and pounce on it with pleasure. But they are not able to digest the cereal, so after a while they die. Millet should be abundantly sprinkled on anthills, as well as paths along which insects move;
  • boiling water. Pour boiling water over the nests, heaps, moves.

Do not think that all of the above methods give one hundred percent guarantee. Fighting ants is a very painstaking and long process. You just need to find exactly the way that will help you. Among other things, ants are quite an important link in the food chain. Having destroyed their army, you will be surprised to find on the site innumerable hordes of caterpillars, larvae and harmful bugs, which your restless guests have eaten before. Therefore, choose more humane ways to solve this problem.

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