A clever ant trap

A clever ant trap

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Ants are very useful on the street, but in the house they do a lot of trouble: they crawl through the garbage, climb into the water tap, eat food, settle in furniture, old things and household appliances. And now it will be quite difficult to drive uninvited guests beyond the threshold of their home. It is much more effective to lay out special traps along the paths and paths of these tireless tiny workers.

Purchased traps

Now there are 3 types of traps for domestic ants, but the most popular are these are ingenious baits with poison.


Workers are killed by electric shock. But the bait is not effective against queens and individuals living deep in the colony.


Attracted by the smell, hard workers-ants stick. Also, the trap is ineffective against individuals remaining in the anthill.


Eating powder or liquid, the insect brings poison to the nest, after which it dies and poisons other relatives. The poison is in special containers with small holes, this makes the trap safe for the inhabitants of the house (children, turtles or dogs).

DIY ant trap

If time permits, then you can easily build an ambush yourself:

  1. Put a bag of boric acid mixed with sweet syrup in plastic lids.
  2. Spread poisoned baits under the table, next to crevices in the floor, ventilation shafts, in the closet and other places where pests are encountered.

Tasting the sweetness worker ants infect their relatives and die themselves. You just have to periodically check the "ant ambush" and add poison. Uninvited residents are also frightened off by the smell of mint, makhorka, bay leaves, wormwood, cloves and garlic. Sprinkle or grease strong-smelling ingredients where they accumulate. If the insects still remain, then turn off the water and arrange cleaning: throw the scrub out of the kitchen, change the floors, wipe the wardrobes - this will also reveal the den.

More than once, home-made devices have proven efficiency and low cost... But if there is a child or some kind of living creature in the house (a cat, for example, or a turtle), then it is better to give preference to a purchased trap without poison.

A photo

Next, you will see a photo of the insect funds available for purchase:

In this video, you will learn in more detail how to get rid of annoying insects:

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