Cherry tomatoes: how to grow the best varieties in a greenhouse?

Cherry tomatoes: how to grow the best varieties in a greenhouse?

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Cherry tomatoes that often called "cherry", it is good to surprise your guests. Don't look at how small they are.

Tomatoes compensate for their size with a rich palette of colors, as well as a unique taste, most often completely different from tomatoes.

Breeding history these tomatoes started relatively recently... Or rather, since 1973. It was then that Israeli breeders received the first representatives of the new variety.

Cherry they are named for their similarity to cherry (cherri eng.) And relatively small size fruits. The work of breeders on the breeding of varieties and hybrids of cherry has not been stopped. They constantly delight gardeners with new unusual, tasty finds.

Greenhouse preparation

How to grow cherry tomatoes in a greenhouse? Preparation experienced gardeners for the spring planting of tomatoes for seedlings it is advised to start in autumn, with soil preparation. Experienced gardeners do not recommend applying chemical fertilizers. Ultimately, of course, in small quantities, they will get into the planted plants, and with fruits into our body.

It is better to introduce humus, peat, sawdust. The humus will replenish the organic fertilizer level. Peat will support in soil required humidity, will help regulate the temperature. When rotting, sawdust will emit carbon dioxide, which is necessary for the development of plants, and will protect plants from root rot infection.

If necessary, you can deoxidize the soil with chalk or dolomite flour. To saturate the soil with nitrogen to a depth of 18-20 centimeters bury the roots and stems of the dry lupine.

Exactly the same soil composition is suitable for planting tomato seeds for seedlings. If you have not prepared the soil in advance, you can use a ready-made mixture purchased from specialized stores.

By timing landing orient yourself... They depend on the early maturity of the variety, the time of warming up the soil in the greenhouse. After preparing the soil, you can think about which cherry tomatoes are best for the greenhouse.

Do not take for subsequent landing seeds from hybrids... They will not repeat the characteristics of the variety from which the seeds were taken. Take seeds only from varietal tomatoes.

Variety selection

Do not think, because of the size of the fruit, that these are undersized tomatoes. Just like tomatoes with the usual fruit size for us, cherry bushes are both determinant and indeterminate. At present, varieties have been developed that are distinguished by "superdetermination".

Cherry tomatoes - varieties for the greenhouse:


The best varieties of cherry tomatoes for this class of greenhouses:

  • Arctic... The brightest representative of this variety, very early, from germination to ripening only 77-82 days. The height of the bush does not exceed 40 centimeters. Forms inflorescences, which often give up to 22 fruits.
  • F1 Citizen... An early ripening hybrid with good taste. From the first sprouts to the ripening of tomatoes, 95-100 days pass. Forms clusters of 12 to 18 fruits, weighing 12 to 25 grams. To accelerate ripening, pinching is required.

Useful video about choosing a variety for greenhouses:


  • Ampelny... The bush is about a meter high. In a cluster, there are up to 15-18 fruits, weighing about 15 grams. A distinctive feature is the uselessness of pinching. In place of the stepchildren, brushes with fruit ovaries are formed.
  • Raisins F1... A hybrid of early (85-90 days) ripening. The bush reaches a height of up to one meter, it is recommended to form it into one stem. Up to seven clusters appear on the stem, each with up to 20 small plum-shaped tomatoes weighing up to 20 grams.


The best varieties of cherry tomatoes for this type of greenhouse:

  • Date orange F1... Medium late ripening. Oval fruits, each weighing about 18-20 grams, are collected in clusters of 16-18 pieces. Inside is amber. Plum flavor followed by a soft, honeyed aftertaste.
  • Black cherry F1... A plant growing with one stem has a height of 3.2-3.5 meters. Fruits are regular, almost round. Very early maturing. From germination to harvest 63-65 days. On one brush, 10-12 tomatoes are formed, weighing from 15 to 30 grams. The dense skin provides a good opportunity for canning and freezing fresh.
  • Pear yellow F1... The tomato is the work of Chinese breeders. The bush is 2.0-2.2 meters high, the ripening period is average (95-105 days). The tomatoes are sweet with a berry aftertaste. Well suited for consumption in salads, as well as for canning.

Important: despite the low weight of the fruits, due to their abundance bush tying required absolutely all varieties of cherry. For indeterminate tomatoes, it is recommended to form a bush on a trellis.

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Planting seedlings

Pour the prepared soil into the box, warm up the soil to a temperature of 16ºC-18ºC. Make grooves 5-7 millimeters deep, spread germinated seeds into grooves. For yourself write down which seeds you plantedso as not to get confused in the future. Sprinkle with a layer of earth about a centimeter, lightly compact, pour. Place the box in a well-lit area.

The temperature should be around 20ºC... After the sprouts appear, pour the complex fertilizer "Gumat", carefully following the instructions, and periodically unfold the box on the window. This will help to avoid unnecessary stretching and tilting of the seedlings. Watering with complex fertilizer can be repeated after 12-14 days.

After the appearance of the second - third true sheet it is necessary to make a pick... It is advised to transplant seedlings into peat pots, so that later to plant seedlings with them.

Greenhouse landing

How to grow cherry tomatoes in a greenhouse? After warming up the earth in the greenhouse, you can start planting seedlings. The temperature can be checked with a household thermometer, leaving it in the ground for 15-20 minutes. It should not be lower than 15ºC, otherwise root decay is possible. After the formation of holes on the ridges, plant seedlingsby removing a couple of bottom leaves.

Maintain distance between rows and bushes. The planting scheme is as follows between rows about 45-50 centimeters, between plants about 40 centimeters - for low-growing varieties. For tall plants, the distance increases to 60-75 centimeters between rows and half a meter between bushes. Disembarkation it's better spend staggered, to improve access to the plant.

Plant feeding

Do not get carried away with fertilizing only with mineral fertilizers. For the normal formation of the ovary and fruiting nitrogen and phosphorus fertilizers are required.

A couple of weeks after planting, feed with urea, keeping the proportions, one tablespoon per bucket of water. To water by liter of solution under the root of the plant... For feeding with nitrogen fertilizers, a solution of chicken manure with water, prepared in a ratio of 1:15, is well suited.

It is necessary repeated stirring the mixture... After a couple of days, water, preparing a solution at the rate of half a liter of the mixture per bucket of water. Water one liter of the mixture for one plant. After 30-40 minutes, pour water under the root of the bush.

Bush care

Care will consist in timely watering, periodic loosening of the soil. Lack of moisture may cause you absolutely unnecessary cracking of fruits... Loosening will help to avoid excessive stagnation of moisture, which most often leads to root rot.

Any cherry bushes require binding. Only ampelous (liana-shaped) varieties for the greenhouse do not require tying. They are grown in hanging baskets.

Cherry tomatoes for the greenhouse, indeterminate varieties, also require pinning... This will help you get a higher yield.

Growing cherry tomatoes in a greenhouse is a good option for a personal plot. Rich color palette, perfectly unusual fruit taste will serve you as compensation for their relatively small size.