October 2011

October 2011

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With the autumn at the door, the Sissi Gardens at Trauttmansdorff Castle take on new lush colors and invite visitors not to miss the extraordinary and incomparable fall foliage show, also known as Indian Summer, in a path between history and architecture on the trail of Princess Sissi. All this and much more, until November 15th.
The amazing and colorful show that nature offers in autumn and which attracts over 100 thousand visitors to the Sissi Gardens every year is called fall foliage: the green and flowery summer landscapes turn into wonderful expanses full of red, yellow and orange, the warm autumn colors. The phenomenon imported from Canada and the United States is all the rage, so much so that some American television networks even offer specific weather forecasts to inform the public about the state of this phenomenon and can also count on the help of established tour operators and specialized websites . Also in Italy the phenomenon has many followers and ensures many advantages; it is an economic hobby because a camera is enough to capture the breathtaking views! The fall foliage in the enchanting setting of the Sissi Gardens is particularly fascinating, because it is expressed in 80 different botanical environments and allows us to observe the colorful changing of the leaves from a privileged point of view.
The park, reachable on foot from the city of Merano along the Sissi Path, is the perfect destination for a family day in contact with nature. In this period the warm colors of the "Indian summer" triumph, the North American hardwood forests, the marvelous foliage of the redwoods, the cypresses, the red oaks and the Canadian maples redden. But it is also the time when the rice matures on the Asian terraces, next to which the tea plant is in full bloom and a splendid variety of camellia that blooms between October and March, originating in Japan and more precisely in the island of Kiushu; in the Gardens of the Sun, typical fruits of this season ripen, such as figs, pomegranates and olives, and in the Landscapes of South Tyrol the harvest of grapes, apples and chestnuts begins.
The Sissi Gardens at Trauttmansdorff Castle
Via S. Valentino, 51 a
39012 Merano
Tel .: 0473 235 730
Opening Hours
From 1 April to 15 November: from 9 to 18

The garden of our dreams:in the summer we dream of it, in Colorno we make it

Where to find the best and above all where to get advice to avoid the mistake we all incurred and continue undaunted to incur, that is planting too many plants, seeing it today so small but without perceiving its adult size? Or do you buy beautiful plants that are boiled at the first frost? Or again how to extricate oneself with calcareous, basic, acidic and related soil?
The answer is given by Elisa Campari and Isabella Gemignani, the two Gran Dames of Colorno, who this year have decided to double their creation, "In the sign of the Lily" the exhibition - market of quality gardening that has always been held in the park of the Colorno Palace in spring and usually twinned with the renowned Courson.
This year "nel Segno del Giglio" is presented again in autumnal style and chooses 8 and 9 October precisely because it is the ideal days to buy plants to be planted. These are days when these creatures still have a lively appearance, rich in leaves and berries, a livery that will later dispose of and make them, for those who are not experts, a sort of stick whose appearance it is impossible to interpret " I live".
Among the many proposals for "Nel Segno del Giglio Autunno", Elisa and Isabella are working on a front that is meeting the taste of more and more people and that is also suitable for small gardens.
We are talking about the plants that color the autumn of the summer sun. Here are the viburnums and the evonyms, the heathers, the infinite specimens of berries: what to say of the perichnies or Callicarpa bodinieri, and of the violet fruits that last until the new year, but also the hawthorn, laden with flowers in spring and with fruits colorful in the cold months. Then the strawberry trees, beautiful and also delicious.
And obviously bushes and trees that preserve their foliar mantle, but also the classics of winter, first of all the calicantus which, contrary to every rule, challenges the frost with its flowers and its enchanting perfume. As the snowdrops do, with infinite varieties. But in Colorno you will also find unexpected things: like a huge collection of winter-blooming irises: colorful flowers insured until Christmas!
Opening hours: 9.30 am - 6.30 pm Admission: € 7.00
For information on the Show:
ARTOUR, tel. 0521.282431 - 0521.235708
e-mail: [email protected]


The Network of Botanical Gardens in Lombardy organizes a course on ENVIRONMENTAL INTERPRETATION in the Botanical Gardens and in Protected Areas of Italy.
The course will take place on 7, 8 and 9 November 2011 at Villa Carlotta, in Tremezzo (CO).
First of its kind in Italy, the course will provide tools to decode, learn and make known the natural heritage of Botanical Gardens and Protected Areas.
The course is designed for directors, curators, managers of educational services, educators, nature guides, communication and promotion staff, volunteers in the educational field of Botanical Gardens and Protected Areas of Italy.
Gabriele Rinaldi,
President of the Network of Botanical Gardens of Lombardy
15-16 October 2011 Cusago (Mi)

In October the first editionof "Cusago in autumn bloom"

Saturday 15 and Sunday 16 October 2011 Cusago hosts the first edition of "Cusago in fiore d'autunno", the new floriculture event dedicated to green lovers organized by Proloco Cusago in collaboration with the municipal administration.
After the successes of the spring appointment with "Cusago in fiore" Proloco also launches the autumn version, bringing to Cusago nurserymen, flower growers ornamental plants, fruit plants, essences, spontaneous and aromatic herbs, products of the countryside (white DOP garlic, apples, homemade sweets, honey). Alongside the nursery, there will also be exhibitors of garden furniture, furniture, accessories, themed objects, floral art compositions and bouquets. Divorce meetings are also planned to tell curiosity and properties of plants and to explain cultivation techniques. For children there will be workshops and themed animation shows. It will also be possible to visit an exhibition of watercolors and drawings depicting some natural protagonists of the Cusaghesi area.


The nobility of wine in the context of the Marche region
8 - 9 October 2010
Urbino (PU)
within the project
Urbino, heritage of humanity and ideal city, dedicates October to organic and "important" wines with "Urbino Terra di Biodiversità - Voglie d'Autunno 2011" project that enhances the territory through the excellence of local food and wine production. To kick off the event, Saturday 1 and Sunday 2 October 2011, will Biosalus, holistic wellness festival, which will follow on 8-9 October Vipitaly - The nobility of wine in the context of the Marche region, an event dedicated to wine production of Vip together with the best wines of the Marche wine shop. Also for this edition, the Councilor for Productive Activities, Maria Francesca Crespini, in collaboration with the trade associations and with the patronage of the major national and local authorities, has created a rich program of meetings with the most important Italian oenologists and prestigious guests , including Tony May president of the Italian Catering Group in the United States. Ample space is reserved for the market exhibition of QM and organic-branded products with free tasting itineraries and mini-courses, educational dedicated to wine and truffles, special menus based on Urbino and Marche specialties. Moreover exhibitions of pictorial works, talk-tasting with important protagonists of the aristocracy, entertainment and sport world, games and concerts will enliven the VIP event.
During the Vipitaly Exhibition, the Raffaello College will host, from 2.00 pm to 7.00 pm, the best bottles of the Marche enoteca, the QM brand products, a series of free guided tastings that will make you rediscover the PDO Typical Characteristics and mini-courses dedicated to the monovarietal oil, and it will also be possible to admire and buy local and organic products.
mail: [email protected] * tel. 0722 309282/3 fax 0722 309282 -


by Neiade Immaginare Arte
Appointments on Saturday 1, Saturday 15 and Sunday 16 October 2011
After seven increasingly successful editions and many itineraries, both classic and unusual, the series of guided tours A stroll with Milan reaches its eighth edition, once again with the precious support of the Municipality of Milan.
It starts Saturday, October 1 at 15.00 with the Abbey of Viboldone, and then continues with Saturday 15 and Sunday 16 October, respectively dedicated to the Museum of the nineteenth century and the Parco Sempione.
Also for the 2011-2012 season, Neiade Immaginare Arte offers a series of cultural events that want to tell the city of Milan, its stories and its monuments.
From A to Z we leave for a new journey that, in the company of the letters of the alphabet, will lead us to follow, as in a sort of game or riddle, a fil rouge that will accompany us, in this and in the next editions up to fateful goal of Expo 2015, to discover the places and monuments of our city. History and stories, art and culture, curiosity and unusual points of view: Milan always knows how
to tell oneself and to be told, knows how to amaze and fascinate, it is enough to know how to listen. Old monuments and historical places approach the new symbols of the modern era, while, conscious of its past and of a sometimes contradictory present, Milan is projected towards 2015.
The October events, all dedicated to the first letter of the alphabet, will take us to an ancient abbey with magnificent colors, in a breathtaking villa rich in history and works of art in the heart of the city and in a park full of artistic surprises!
Reservations required: 02 36565694 - 393 9440207 - [email protected]


Piazza Arringo1-2 October 2011 Time 8 / 20Saturday 1 and Sunday 2 October 2011 opens the first baptismal market sponsored by the Province and the Municipality of Ascoli Piceno.
VERDE PICENO is an event created to help bring nature back to the center of culture, in a process of integration that today is unthinkable to do without. In the context of urban decay and environmental emergency, the culture of green is a universal language that can also start from the narrow space of a terrace. Through the participation of experts vivistisi proposes as a laboratory of ideas and stimulus for the dissemination and development of knowledge and the use of plants suitable to be grown in our gardens and balconies.
The nursery gardening represents a flagship for the economy of the territory, just think that 65% of the entire regional production is concentrated in the Piceno, particularly in the coastal municipalities that benefit from the particular micro climate of the Riviera. On display and obviously for sale, the oleander, laurel, pittosporum, holm oak, gardenias and palm trees that are marketed nationwide, peculiar plants, real "jewels" of Piceno nursery gardening, apart from being rare and beautiful from garden and apartment, fruit plants, aromatic and officinalisements for horticultural, floricultural and nectariferous crops.
Two days then to be able to choose and buy plants for your garden or terrace, trees, shrubs, bulbs and blooms selected with great care nursery-producers of the Piceno because "Nature is Culture", this is the intent of Verde Piceno. Environmental protection, sustainability, passion for the green, everything that revolves around a cultural vision of nature is part of the objectives of the event.
Opening: Saturday 1 October at 9.00 / 20.00 and Sunday 2 October 8.00 / 20.00
Place: Piazza Arringo and Piazza Sant'Agostino
Free admission
Info: segr. Organization Emisfero Grouptel and fax 0736 263698 mob. 329 6161478 [email protected]

October 2011: On October 20 the Assembly of PromoGardening Members meets

On October 20 the Assembly of PromoGardening Members meets
to vote on projects for 2012 to promote
love for green and nature
Milan, September 2011 - Three years have passed since the establishment of Promogiardino, the association founded by producers and distributors of the gardening market to promote the culture of green in Italy. Three dynamic years, rich in planning and which have been able to create a "network of companies" that work together to achieve common growth objectives.
Initiatives, meetings, collaborations, sponsorships. No road has been neglected to let everyone, adults and children, know the importance of owning and "cultivating" a green conscience.
Also in the last year, thanks to the commitment of its 62 members, there have been numerous activities in which Promogestilture has been involved or of which it has become the protagonist in first person.
Its communication tool with the public, the NATU magazine, distributed free in over 200 gardens and 100,000 copies, has reached its fifth number. 62 pages of practical tips, suggestions, information on the themes related to nature at 360 °. For web enthusiasts, the magazine is available on its dedicated website
The site, www.promog, is the constantly updated showcase of the Association. An open door to all those who wish to learn more about this reality, its aims, its aims, its operations.
Television has also recognized the value of Promogiardino and Rete 4 has hosted the Association several times during the program "Vivere Meglio", broadcast on Saturday morning. Furthermore, for more than two months, Odeon TV has once again given space to nature thanks to a production of Promog dualism in collaboration with Sport Club TV and Publivideo 2: the NATU program that takes the same name as the free press and the site . There is also the Promogestation You Tube channel, in which to review the episodes.