Description of the type of red cockroaches: how many and where they live, how they reproduce, how to get rid of them in an apartment

Description of the type of red cockroaches: how many and where they live, how they reproduce, how to get rid of them in an apartment

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Red cockroach or Prusak was introduced to the vastness of Russia during the Patriotic War of 1812. It is to the soldiers of Napoleon's army that we owe our acquaintance with this nosy harmful insect.

Prussians breed actively, within a couple of months after the appearance of these disgusting-looking tenants in your apartment, their number can increase tenfold.

Cockroaches are very hardy, quickly adapt to new conditions, can exist for quite a long time without food, and are nocturnal.

Appearance and structure

Red cockroaches are shallow view compared to the rest of the family.

The size of a common adult (adult) is one and a half centimeters.

The head is oblong, the eyes are widely spaced, dark. The legs of red cockroaches are long, with special suction cups that allow move along vertical planes.

The body is painted in reddish-yellow colors and consists of the following parts:

  • cephalothorax;
  • abdomen;
  • head.

The insect has developed wings with rigid elytra on top, but can't fly, can only glide, falling from a height. But there are also flying cockroaches. The mouth apparatus is gnawing.

In males, the body is narrow, the abdomen is wedge-shaped, its edge is not covered with wings

The body of the females is wider, the abdomen is rounded, completely covered with wings.

One of the most important organs in cockroaches is the antennae, very sensitive to all kinds of odors... With their help, the Prussians communicate with their relatives and navigate in space. The loss of one or both whiskers becomes a real tragedy for these insects, since they are deprived of information about the world around them.

REFERENCE! A distinctive feature of the Prusaks are the cerci - small tails at the end of the body (one on each side).

A photo

You can visually familiarize yourself with the appearance in the photo of red cockroaches below:


Cockroaches belong to insects with incomplete metamorphosis (transformation). They do not have the pupal stage, and the larvae take the form of an adult through several molts.

Red Prussians breed throughout the year.

Females lay eggs (about 30 eggs) in a small brown capsule (ooteca). The female carries the future offspring with it at the end of the abdomen (the protruding part of the ooteca is visible with the naked eye) up to hatching larvae (2-4 weeks).

The initial color of the larvae is white; it gradually darkens. The larvae (nymphs) undergo six molts until they take the form of an imago. Throughout their life, females carry from four to ten ootheca and contribute to the birth of up to 300 young cockroaches.

How long do red cockroaches live?

Life span red Prusaks at home and with a sufficient amount of food and water is from 8 to 10 months (this period of time includes the lifespan of the imago (7 - 8 months) and the nymph stage).

Lifestyle and nutrition

Prusaks don't like daylight and crawl out of their hiding places only at night.

If you suddenly have suspicions about the appearance of uninvited red-haired guests in your apartment, turn on the light in the kitchen at night: live cockroaches will sprinkle from the sink and from the dining table in all directions.

The favorite habitats of domestic red cockroaches are all kinds of narrow slits (so that the back and abdomen of the insect are in close contact with surfaces): in the floor, under skirting boards, in door frames, furniture... In addition, the Prussians can choose household appliances and books for the settlement.

These insects are omnivorous... Food for them can serve not only food, but also paper, wallpaper glue, book bindings, fabric and even soap.

Cockroaches are able to starve for a long time, but do not tolerate droughts at all. If the Prussians can survive for a whole month without food, they cannot survive for weeks without water.

For what reasons do they appear in a particular living space?

There are several reasons:

  • unsanitary conditions... Always dirty floor, unwashed dishes, cluttered corners, scraps of food lying in different places (this can be spilled sugar or flour);
  • things from trips... An insect can arrive at your house in a travel bag, having got into it from a hotel or a train car;
  • dysfunctional neighbors... It doesn't matter which side of the slob you are on (top, bottom, through the wall). Cockroaches will surely penetrate from them into your apartment from the ventilation hole or cracks in the walls and floor;
  • faulty water and sewer pipes... Small humid places under a drip and warmth - this is a real cockroach paradise. As long as there is moisture nearby and the temperature in the apartment does not drop below 10 degrees, the Prussians will be ready to live with you forever.

Do they harm a person?

IMPORTANT! Red cockroaches dangerous to humans: constantly in contact with garbage, household waste, dirt, they are carriers of pathogenic bacteria, as well as eggs of worms.

Intestinal disorders, tuberculosis, helminthiasis - this is just a small fraction of the diseases that the Prussians can bring on their paws.

Do red cockroaches bite?

Scientists were aware of several cases when these pests devoured the keratinized parts of the dermis on the face and hands of people, but they did not cause any tangible harm. So we can safely say that Prussians don't bite.

Control methods

As soon as you discovered the presence of at least one red Prusak in the house - take urgent action.

Because after 2 weeks your home will be teeming with hordes of these annoying parasites.

To make the fight against cockroaches more effective you need to do the following:

  • put food in containers or tight-fitting bags;
  • make sure that dirty dishes with food residues on it do not remain in the sink or on the kitchen table;
  • keep the apartment clean;
  • discard household waste in a timely manner, do not accumulate garbage for several days;
  • put all pipes and plumbing in order, eliminate leaks;
  • do not leave containers with water on the surface where insects could drink.

After that, you can start persecuting the Prussians.

How to get rid of red cockroaches in an apartment? This can be done with industrial insecticides. To date, there are a great many means for the destruction of domestic cockroaches. These are gels: Dohlox, Global; aerosols: Raid, Clean House, Raptor; crayons, powders: FAS, Karbofos; emulsions, special traps, and more. The disinsection of the premises can be entrusted to specialists or you can handle it on your own.

It is possible to cope with the mass of cockroaches and folk methods:

  • through boric acid (powder). This substance dehydrates the pest's body. The acid is mixed into mashed potatoes, balls are rolled up and laid out throughout the house;

IMPORTANT! If there are pets or small children in the apartment, use this method with caution! Boric acid is poisonous!

  • through self-made traps... To do this, a glass jar (edges) is lubricated with a sticky substance (oil or petroleum jelly), a bait is placed inside.

To make the battle with red evil spirits more effective, it is advisable to cooperate with all neighbors. Then you will be absolutely sure that not a single "Prussian enemy" will survive. If, nevertheless, the enemy broke through the defense, then after reading our article you now know how to get red cockroaches out of the apartment.

We bring to your attention a video about testing various methods of controlling cockroaches:

Watch the video: Madagascar hissing cockroach - hiss (June 2022).


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