We collect a reliable summer cottage assistant - a greenhouse from a profile pipe with our own hands

We collect a reliable summer cottage assistant - a greenhouse from a profile pipe with our own hands

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The main part of any greenhouse or greenhouse is the frame.

Its strength ensures ease of use and durability.

It is made of both wood and plastic, but metal is the most reliable solution.

Consider the features of arranging a greenhouse from a profile pipe and the technology of its construction with our own hands.

Design characteristic

The construction of a greenhouse from a shaped pipe does not require technical knowledge or the use of a professional tool. The gardener can choose the appropriate form of construction himself.

For the frame of the greenhouse is used two types of shaped pipes:

  • 40x20 mm - frame frames;
  • 20x20 mm - connecting lintels between frames.

In the case of the construction of an arched greenhouse, the purchase of ready-made elements is recommended.

To bend the profile pipe, use a special expensive tool is a pipe bender.

But it will never justify its price if it is used once during the construction of the greenhouse. Only gable greenhouses with straight walls are being erected with their own hands.

The popularity of structures from a profile pipe is due to the fact that fasten polycarbonate sheets - the basis of the shelter greenhouses on a profile - many times easierthan for circular pipes. And the frame made of a galvanized profile pipe will last longer than any similar material.

The construction of a greenhouse made of a shaped pipe includes a frame and covering material. The strength and reliability of the finished structure depends on the frame. The frame, in turn, consists of three parts:

  • bottom strapping;
  • top strapping;
  • arcs.

What is grown?

The greenhouse can be stationary or temporary, respectively, with or without a foundation. Stationary greenhouses are used for growing seedlings and decorative flowerswhile temporary constructions protect plants from sudden changes in temperature air and late frosts... Profile pipes are more often used for arranging year-round greenhouses.

A stationary greenhouse structure is often used for growing seasonal vegetables and herbs. For instance, cucumbers, peppers and undersized tomatoes... Experienced summer residents are experimenting with the cultivation of squash, pumpkin and eggplant.

Advantages and disadvantages

Greenhouse cultivation has its pros and cons. Among the main merits highlight:

  1. The possibility of extending the planting season. Planting is carried out earlier than in open ground, therefore, the ripening stage occurs earlier, leaving gardeners time for a second sowing cycle.
  2. The greenhouse structure will protect you from bad weather conditions in the form of heavy rain, wind or frost, which can harm the plants.
  3. Keeps plantings from pests - there is no access for birds and flying insects to a closed "room".
  4. Observed saving planting material... In the greenhouse, conditions are created that are as close to ideal as possible for high-quality plant cultivation. This guarantees almost 100% germination of all seeds and rooting of cuttings.
  5. Opportunity control the growing process from start to finish by manually changing the main parameters of the greenhouse microclimate: the level of humidity and air temperature.
  6. Profile tube construction will stand for a long time, it is wear-resistant. You can forget about repairing a greenhouse or replacing basic elements for a long time.

When there are positive aspects, there will certainly be limitations:

  1. There is a risk of planting overheating in the greenhouse.... Without proper ventilation on a hot summer day, plants receive excessive amounts of light and heat, which negatively affects their health.
    The need to control the amount of moisture inside. Both excess and lack of moisture will negatively affect the condition of the plants.
  2. You will have to spend time and money on proper care and maintenance of the greenhouse. Purchase of materials for construction, regular watering and heating, cleaning, soil replacement - all this costs money and takes time.

Greenhouse from a shaped pipe

It is not so difficult to make a small greenhouse with your own hands. A little knowledge of plumbing and welding skills is required.

There are several main points that need to be considered when erecting a greenhouse structure from a profile pipe.

Choosing a covering material

ATTENTION! The quality of the resulting crop depends on the correctly selected covering material: an error in the selection threatens the death of the planting even at the seedling stage.

There are 4 main types of covering materials on the market:

  1. Glass - is very popular due to its high protective properties. A glazed greenhouse will protect the planting from frost, letting in sunlight and retaining heat. Cons of the material: high cost, installation complexity and low strength.
  2. Polyethylene - an affordable material, now rarely used due to its low strength and damage in direct sunlight.
  3. Non-woven fabric - transmits light and water well, providing plantings with protection from negative weather factors. Cons: fragility. For example, spunbond or lutarsil as a greenhouse cover will last no more than 5 years. Their strength is also not too high, the shelter can break during strong winds or under the weight of a layer of snow.
  4. Polycarbonate - a hard polymer characterized by high strength and low weight. Provides a number of thermal insulation characteristics to the greenhouse due to good dispersion of sunlight. It is easy to work with polycarbonate, therefore it is often used when creating greenhouses with your own hands.

How to make the frame strong?

If the profile pipe originally used to create the frame was not protected from the aggressive effects of the external environment, you will have to take care of it at the construction stage.

It is enough to purchase one of the means providing the frame in specialized stores protection against corrosion processes... The latter often lead to damage to the entire structure.

Preparation of drawings

This figure shows drawings of a greenhouse from a shaped pipe with possible dimensions.

Before proceeding with the construction of a greenhouse, it is necessary to make a drawing, determine the type of construction, take measurements, on the basis of which the project will be created.

ATTENTION! There is no need to create drawings yourself. The finished project can be found on one of the many construction Internet portals or in specialized literature.

Instructions for the construction of a greenhouse from a shaped pipe

Under the greenhouse from a profile pipe, you can lay light foundation, which will protect against the ingress of cold air from the outside, or capital (filled with concrete). In the second case, mortgages are preliminarily made for the purpose of attaching metal racks in the future.

The profile pipe is cut into lengths corresponding to the design.
For an arched greenhouse, you will need arcs. If we are talking about shaped pipes, you can bend them into an arc using a concrete ring.

How you can bend a pipe into an arc using a homemade pipe bender, you can watch in this video:

ATTENTION! The structure can be strengthened by welding a cross bar from the profile at the top of the arc.

The required number of vertical posts 65 centimeters long is cut from the profile. Arcs will be fixed on them.

IMPORTANT! If you want to install a collapsible greenhouse, then use bolts at the junction of arcs and posts. Otherwise, you need to choose welding.

After fixing the arcs in the racks, you need to make the greenhouse doors and windows from the profile according to the previously taken dimensions.

The boxes are connected into a single piece with the frame using a welding machine or bolts and nuts if you are going to disassemble your greenhouse for the winter.

You can see other greenhouses that you can also assemble or make with your own hands here: From plastic bottles, From PVC, From arcs, From polycarbonate, From window frames, For seedlings, For cucumbers, Under the film, To the country, For pepper, Winter greenhouse, Beautiful cottage, Successful harvest, Snowdrop, Snail, Dayas

ATTENTION! After completion of welding, the seams are treated with a primer, which can significantly increase the reliability of the connection.

As you can see having basic skills in working with a welding machine and a grinder, you can build a greenhouse or greenhouse from a profile pipe with your own hands. It will take a lot of time and effort, but all will compensate for good harvests grown in comfortable greenhouse conditions.

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