Enjoy Balcony Miracle tomatoes all year round! How to grow at home from seeds and all the intricacies of growing tomatoes

Enjoy Balcony Miracle tomatoes all year round! How to grow at home from seeds and all the intricacies of growing tomatoes

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The wonders of Russian breeding never tire of surprising with new varieties and species. And now growing tomatoes on a window or balcony is as easy as growing greens. And all thanks to an amazing variety of tomato that feels great even in a flower pot.

In this article, you will receive complete information about Balcony Miracle tomatoes, how to grow them at home and what care you need to provide for a good harvest.

Productivity and fruiting

The small and compact bush is capable of producing up to 2 kg of small and very sweet fruits. Small, bright red and very sweet tomatoes are versatile. They can be used with equal success both fresh and for pickling purposes. But, if you like large tomatoes, then we advise you to do the "Sugar Pudovichok" tomato planting, which we will tell you more about here.

One tomato can weigh about 60 g. But the main feature of this type is that you can harvest the bush all year round... Its trunk is distinguished by a strong and even stem and has a height of up to 50 cm. Also, good resistance against late blight can be attributed to the undoubted advantages.

The peculiarities of this variety are that it does not require pinching and a special garter, but for better pollination, the bushes need to be slightly shaken during the flowering period.

However, if you decide to start growing another variety, then you should definitely click here and familiarize yourself with pinching tomatoes in a greenhouse, because the quality and quantity of the future harvest depends on this.

Ripening terms

The variety belongs to the ultra-early ripening variety, which allows you to enjoy the bright red fruits in 90-100 days after sowing the "Balconnoe Miracle" tomatoes. "When to plant?" - the next question that worries gardeners, there is no single answer to it, since seeds can be sown all year round... It is convenient to plant the plant in small pots or containers and keep it even on a small windowsill.


As you can see, there are undeniable advantages that the "Balcony Miracle" tomatoes have. Growing this variety of tomatoes at home is quite possible, both on the balcony and on the windowsill. Below we will tell you in more detail how this procedure goes.

Soil and seed processing

They are grown just like any others, using seedlings. Before this, the seeds must be treated for further disinfection with a weak solution of potassium permanganate. This is done to prevent disease.

The soil must be prepared slightly acidic and enriched. For this purpose, you can buy ready-made soil for growing seedlings. Two days before the intended planting, the soil is spilled with warm water. At the same time, it is not necessary to soak the seeds at all and you can start planting them directly from the bag.

I would like to note that you should not discount the possibility of seating the "Balcony Miracle" on a large scale, but for this we advise you to read this article, which describes in detail the process of preparing the soil for tomatoes in a greenhouse.


The prepared soil is poured into small cups, in which two seeds are placed. After the container is covered with a film to create a greenhouse effect. In order for the seedlings to appear on time, the room must be at least 22 degrees... After the first shoots appear on the surface of the soil, the film can be removed.

When the first shoots appear, the container with sprouts should be placed for a week in a cooler room, where the temperature is not higher than 15 degrees.

When the cultivation of tomatoes "Balcony Miracle" falls on the winter, then you should take care of additional lighting. If the pot with seedlings is on the windowsill, then you can install a fluorescent lamp on top and turn it on in the morning before dawn and in the evening after dark. This simple method will extend the number of light hours required for high-quality tomato growth. And here you can learn all about growing tomatoes in a greenhouse in winter, because this method will help increase the scale of your harvest.

When the sprouts reach the 10-15 cm mark, which takes only 20 to 25 days, they need a pick. This will help fully develop the root system. For this, the seedlings are planted in already permanent containers with drainage holes. Ceramic or plastic pots, or compact containers are well suited for this purpose.

If there is an extra seedling left, then it is not forbidden to plant it in open ground. And after another month, you can already harvest the first crop.


The "Balconnoe Miracle" variety is extremely unpretentious, but still has a number of conditions for obtaining high-quality and tasty fruits.

Temperature regime

The most optimal temperature for growing tomatoes "Balcony Miracle" is summer. I.e, the room must be at least 16 degrees... This is the minimum threshold so that fruiting does not stop. But optimal conditions are from 22 to 26 degrees.


This culture loves abundant watering. If tomatoes are grown at home in the autumn-winter period, watering is required no more than once a week. In warmer seasons, you need to monitor the moisture content of the earth and water as needed.

If the soil in which the tomatoes are planted is too wet, then this threatens the plant with a disease. Therefore, watering is carried out only after the earthen coma has completely dried out.

Water the plant directly into the soil, avoiding contact with the leaves, since the latter often contributes to the development of late blight. Do not forget that watering tomatoes in a greenhouse is very different from a home procedure, and if you still decide to start growing "Balcony Miracle" tomatoes on an industrial scale, then in order to avoid the loss of the harvest, it is better to familiarize yourself with this process in advance.

Top dressing

The introduction of nutrients has a positive effect on the growth and fruiting, and on the palatability of the fruit. For this variety, you can buy ready-made fertilizers such as "Epin" and "Tsitovit", but you can prepare the solution yourself.

In one liter of water, you need to dilute 5 g of superphosphate, and 1 g each of urea and potassium sulfate. Top dressing is carried out mainly during the period of the appearance of flowers, ovaries and throughout the entire period of fruiting.

Chicken droppings and mullein are also great alternatives. Mullein can be purchased at any gardening store in dry and liquid form and diluted in water according to the instructions. A liter of factory solution can easily replace 5 buckets of fresh manure. Chicken manure is superior in nutritional value, organic and mineral components to manure.

After spilling with a solution from the manure, the soil remains fertile for another 3 years.

To prepare a solution for 1 liter of water, you need to take 10 g of fresh bird droppings, mix well and leave for a day. After that, the bushes are watered with the finished fertilizer.

Ordinary yeast stimulates the growth of indoor tomatoes well. To do this, 10 grams of dry yeast is diluted in 5 liters of water. The resulting solution can be used in one day.


Indoor tomatoes, as a rule, do not get sick, as they grow in practically sterile conditions. But still, plants can infect diseases if:

  1. The soil in which the tomatoes are planted was taken from garden soil, which can be a source of infection.
  2. In winter, tomatoes can be severely lacking in light and nutrients.

When indoor tomatoes still do not grow in special soil, then certainly before planting seeds in it, it should be processed. If the cause of the disease is a lack of light, then this can be easily replenished with a fluorescent lamp.

Having fresh vegetables readily available in winter is not so difficult. Moreover, if these are tomatoes grown with their own hands. We hope that we were able to help you learn more about "Balcony Miracle" tomatoes, how to grow them at home.

If after reading what you have read you still doubt your own abilities, then we suggest watching a video in which one of the hostesses will tell in detail about how to plant "Balcony Miracle" tomatoes at home on the windowsill and what kind of harvest can be expected.

Watch the video: Warning! Dont Prune Your Cherry Tomatoes! NOT Pruning Tomato Plants for Maximum Yield! (June 2022).


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