We grow a high-yielding tomato "Ozharovsky raspberry": a description of the variety, advantages and disadvantages

We grow a high-yielding tomato

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Pink-fruited tomatoes enjoy the well-deserved love of amateur gardeners. Such tomatoes usually have a pleasant taste, they are fleshy, juicy, suitable for cooking and are especially recommended for baby food.

Among pink-fruited tomatoes, a special place is occupied by Ozharovsky Raspberry - a high-yielding and easy-to-care variety. In our article, we will tell you in detail everything we know about this variety. Here you will find its description, get acquainted with the characteristics, you can see what the tomatoes look like in the photo.

Tomato Raspberry Ozharovsky: variety description

Variety nameOzharovsky Raspberry
general descriptionEarly ripe high-yielding indeterminate variety
Ripening period100-110 days
The formThe shape is elongated-rounded, with a slight ribbing at the peduncle
ColorRaspberry pink
Average weight of tomatoes100-300 grams
Variety yield6-7 kg per bush
Growing featuresStandard agricultural technology
Disease resistanceResistant to major diseases

Tomato Ozharovsky Raspberry is a high-yielding early ripe variety. The bush is indeterminate, powerful and spreading, reaching 2 m in height. The leaf is large, dark green, potato. Tomatoes ripen in large clusters of 9-12 pieces, especially large clusters can include up to 14 fruits.

Tomatoes of the Ozharovsky Raspberry variety, large, weighing from 100 to 300 g... Larger fruits ripen on the lower branches. The shape is elongated-rounded, with a slight ribbing at the peduncle.

The color of ripe tomatoes is intense crimson-pink. The skin is thin, not tough, protects the fruit well from cracking. The pulp is moderately juicy, with a small number of seeds, fleshy, sugary at the break. The taste is very pleasant, sweet. The high content of sugars and valuable amino acids makes it possible to recommend the fruit for baby or diet food.

You can compare the weight of the variety with others in the table below:

Variety nameFruit weight
Ozharovsky raspberry100-300 grams
Big Mama200-400 grams
Banana Orange100g
Honey saved200-600 grams
Pound rosemary400-500 grams
Persimmon350-400 grams
Dimensionlessup to 100 grams
Favorite F1115-140 grams
Pink flamingo150-450 grams
Black moor50 grams
Early love85-95 grams

Origin and application

Tomato variety Ozharovsky Raspberry was bred by Russian breeders. Suitable for all areas, including the north. Designed for growing in greenhouses, film greenhouses.

In regions with a warm climate, planting in open ground is possible. The yield is high, 6-7 kg of selected tomatoes can be removed from 1 bush.

For comparison:

Variety nameYield
Ozharovsky raspberry6-7 kg per bush
Solerosso F18 kg per square meter
Labrador3 kg per bush
Aurora F113-16 kg per square meter
Leopold3-4 kg per bush
Aphrodite F15-6 kg per bush
Locomotive12-15 kg per square meter
Severenok f13.5-4 kg per bush
Sanka15 kg per square meter
Katyusha17-20 kg per square meter
The miracle of the lazy8 kg per square meter

The fruiting period is extended from early summer to October. The harvested fruits are well stored, transportation is possible.

Fleshy fruits are good fresh, they are widely used in cooking. Ripe tomatoes make delicious sauces, mashed potatoes, pastes, juices that can be consumed freshly or canned.

Advantages and disadvantages

Among the main advantages of the variety:

  • excellent taste of fruits;
  • tomatoes are versatile, suitable for salads and canning;
  • high productivity;
  • easily tolerates a cold snap;
  • drought resistance;
  • resistance to the main diseases of tomatoes in greenhouses.

The disadvantages of the variety include:

  • the need to form and tie a bush;
  • high demands on soil nutrition.

To understand how to properly fertilize tomatoes, read a series of articles on this topic:

  • Mineral, complex, organic and ready-made fertilizers.
  • How to feed plants with ash, boric acid, ammonia, iodine, yeast.
  • Fertilizer for tomatoes when picking, for seedlings, foliar feeding.

A photo

In the photo you can see the Raspberry Ozharovsky tomato:

Growing features

Tomato variety Ozharovsky Raspberry can be grown in a seedling or non-seedling way. Seeds for seedlings are sown in the second half of March. Before planting, they can be treated with a growth stimulant for better germination..

Seedling soil is made up of a mixture of garden soil with humus. The seeds are sown with a depth of 2 cm, sprayed with water, and then placed in the heat. Young shoots dive after the appearance of the first pair of true leaves, after which they are fed with liquid complex fertilizer.

With the seedless method, the seeds are sown in the greenhouse, the soil is pre-fertilized with a generous portion of humus. For 1 sq. meter can accommodate 4 plants.

Tomatoes are watered in moderation, drip irrigation is desirable. Tomatoes are fertilized every 2 weeks, alternating mineral complexes and organic matter.

To increase productivity, tomatoes are formed into 1-2 stems, removing stepchildren above 2 brushes. On inflorescences, deformed flowers are removed. Plants are tied to supports; it is most convenient to grow them on trellises.

Diseases and pests: prevention and control methods

The variety is resistant to major diseases, rarely affected by fusarium, verticillosis, tobacco mosaic. For the prevention of late blight, it is recommended to treat the planting with medicinal preparations. Read more about protection measures in this article.

To prevent the appearance of gray, apical or root rot, frequent airing of the greenhouse, loosening of the soil with weeding out will help. It is useful to periodically spray the plantings with a pale pink solution of potassium permanganate or phytosporin.

Industrial insecticides help from insect pests, as well as folk remedies: soap solution, ammonia, decoctions of celandine, chamomile or onion husks.

Toxic drugs can only be used before flowering..

The Raspberry Ozharovsky tomato is a demanding, but very productive variety. Gardeners consider it one of the best pink-fruited tomatoes, worthy of a place in any greenhouse or greenhouse.

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