Yellow strips in the garden

Yellow strips in the garden

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Question: Yellow strips in the garden

Hello, for about two months I have noticed that the grass in my garden has yellow stripes that sometimes form circles and I would like to know if it is a mushroom and what I can do. The garden was made in June last year with turf grass and for two months I had the growth of field mushrooms which then disappeared in August. Thank you and greetings

Answer: Yellow strips in the garden

Dear Simona,
the fungal diseases of the lawn can be of different types, which however present specific traits; the fact that your lawn has stripes and circles could simply indicate yellowing due to excess fertilization: where the fertilizer has fallen in excess it has "burned" the leaves of the grass; this phenomenon should resolve on its own, given that the fertilizer lives by the rains. If this may be the case, remember the next time you fertilize your lawn.
If you have not fertilized the lawn, I advise you to read this discussion on the gardening forum, which reports the various fungal diseases of the turf