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Beauty in your beds - tomato

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Yellow-fruited tomatoes look very elegant, and are also ideal for people who are allergic to the classic red tomatoes.

All this will be an excellent argument for choosing a promising variety called the Golden Queen. Large, even, very beautiful tomatoes ripen early, allowing you to enjoy the delicious taste at the very beginning of summer.

Tomatoes Golden Queen: variety description

Variety nameGolden queen
general descriptionEarly maturing, indeterminate variety of tomatoes with large fruits and high yields
Ripening period95-105 days
The formLarge, flat-rounded, with pronounced ribbing at the peduncle
ColorHoney yellow
Average weight of tomatoesup to 700 grams
ApplicationUniversal. Suitable for baby and diet food
Variety yieldup to 10 kg per square meter
Growing featuresTomatoes are grown in seedlings. Standard agricultural technology
Disease resistanceResistant to major diseases of nightshade

Zolotaya Koroleva is an early ripe high-yielding variety.

The bush is indeterminate, tall, moderately spreading, with abundant green mass. Read about determinant varieties here. Leaves are dark green, simple, medium in size. Fruits ripen in small clusters of 3-4 pieces.

Tomatoes are large, flat-rounded, with pronounced ribbing at the stalk. Weight up to 700 grams. The color of ripe tomatoes is rich honey-yellow. The pulp is juicy, fleshy, moderately dense, with few seeds.

The high content of solids and sugars makes it possible to recommend the fruits for baby and dietetic nutrition. Delicious, sweet taste with light fruity notes.

You can compare the weight of the Golden Queen fruit with other varieties in the table below:

Variety nameFruit weight
Golden queenup to 700
Russian size650-2000
Podsinsky miracle150-300
American ribbed300-600
Honey heart120-140

Origin and application

The Zolotaya Koroleva tomato variety was bred by Russian breeders, intended for cultivation in greenhouses, greenhouses, under a film. In regions with a warm climate, planting in open ground is possible. The yield is very good, with 1 sq. m plantings can be removed up to 10 kg of selected tomatoes.

You can compare the yield of the variety with others in the table below:

Variety nameYield
Golden queenup to 10 kg per square meter
Gulliver7 kg per bush
Lady Shedi7.5 kg per square meter
Honey heart8.5 kg per square meter
Fat jack5-6 kg per bush
Doll8-9 kg per square meter
Summer resident4 kg per bush
Lazy15 kg per square meter
The president7-9 kg per square meter
King of the market10-12 kg per square meter

The fruits are universal, they are suitable for preparing various dishes or preserving. Ripe tomatoes make a delicious thick juice that can be drunk freshly squeezed or harvested for future use.

Advantages and disadvantages

Among the main advantages of the variety:

  • delicious and beautiful fruits;
  • high content of sugars and amino acids;
  • early maturation;
  • high productivity;
  • undemanding care;
  • resistance to major diseases.

Among the disadvantages of the variety, it is worth noting the need for pinching and forming a bush, sensitivity to soil nutrition. Tall, spreading plants need strong support and tying.

A photo

The photo shows the Golden Queen tomato:

Growing features

Tomatoes of the Zolotaya Koroleva variety are grown in seedlings. Seeds are sown in the second half of March, after soaking them in a growth stimulator. The soil should be light, preferably a mixture of garden soil with humus in equal parts. For greater nutritional value, wood ash or superphosphate can be added to the substrate. Seeds are sown with a slight deepening, sprayed with warm water and covered with foil.

After the first shoots appear, the seedlings are exposed to bright light. In cloudy weather, it is supplemented with fluorescent lamps. When the first pair of true leaves unfold on the plants, a dive is carried out in individual pots. Young tomatoes are fed with full complex fertilizer.

Properly grown seedlings should be strong, bright green, and not too elongated. It is transplanted into the greenhouse after the appearance of 6-7 leaves and the first flower brush. For 1 sq. m it is recommended to plant no more than 3 plants, thickening of the plantings significantly reduces the yield. Tomatoes are formed into 1-2 stems, removing stepchildren. It is recommended to pinch off deformed flowers, this stimulates the development of ovaries.

The Golden Queen tomatoes are watered infrequently, but abundantly. During the season, 3-4 additional fertilizing is needed with a full complex fertilizer.

  • Organic, mineral, phosphoric, TOP of the best.
  • Yeast, iodine, hydrogen peroxide, ammonia, boric acid, ash.
  • Foliar and seedlings.

It is very important to use the correct soil when planting tomatoes, since there are different types. You can get acquainted with them in this article. And also learn how to prepare the soil yourself, which soil is suitable for greenhouse tomatoes.

Diseases and pests

The Zolotaya Koroleva tomato variety is resistant to the main diseases of tomatoes in greenhouses: late blight, fusarium wilt, Alternaria and verticillosis, tobacco mosaic. For prevention, it is recommended to disinfect the soil before planting by spilling it with a solution of potassium permanganate or copper sulfate. You can get acquainted with the methods of struggle here.

During an epidemic of late blight, plants are sprayed with copper preparations. Phytosporin helps well against the fungus; frequent airing of the greenhouse, weeding and mulching of the soil with peat will protect against root or apical rot. Read also all about methods of protection against late blight and about varieties that do not suffer from this disease.

Preventive spraying with a weak solution of potassium permanganate and regular inspections will protect against insect pests.

In case of thrips, whitefly or aphid infestations, commercial insecticides are recommended. When attacking the Colorado potato beetle and its larvae, proven methods will help. There are also ways to get rid of slugs, which can cause considerable harm to landings.

The Golden Queen tomato is an ideal variety for lovers of original yellow-fruited tomatoes. She responds well to feeding, increasing yields. Strong bushes do not get sick, easily tolerate a slight drought, the seeds for subsequent landings can be assembled by yourself, made from ripe fruits.

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