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Question: Bath plants

I write from Taormina and I have some questions to ask you.
I decided to renovate my bathroom a bit; it is not immense, it has only one window, and I must say that the humidity is perennial.
For the past week I have placed a vase with a Fern (Blechnum spicant) on a shelf away from the light, I found it in a shady and damp area of ​​my garden, and I must say that it is fine.
Now I'd like to put a few more: tips?
I was thinking primarily of an orchid, but I don't know what kind.
Tips? Recommendations? Tips? Precautions?
Davide S.P.

Answer: Bath plants

Dear Davide,
generally the climate in the home tends to be quite dry. In fact, however, the dryness of the air is often due to heating, which I believe in Taormina is not active for many weeks a year, and therefore you should not have this problem; in the bathroom then the air is generally much more humid than at home. So the ferns are certainly excellent companions in the bathroom, try also a Capelvenere, which has a nice delicate aspect. Among the orchids I recommend dendrobium, cambrie and phalaenopsis, simply because they are among those that are most easily found in nurseries, and more often tend to flourish and grow well even without excessive care.


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