Yielding and disease-resistant potato variety "Queen Anna": characteristics, description, photo

Yielding and disease-resistant potato variety

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Quite recently, Koroleva Anna, a fruitful and resistant to many diseases variety, has been tested and included in the State Register of the Russian Federation.

In addition to these advantages, the variety is distinguished by an excellent appearance of root crops, good taste and the ability to grow on almost any soil.

In this article, we will talk in detail about what Queen Anna potatoes are, what are the cultivation features and other characteristics.

Description of the variety

Variety nameQueen anne
general characteristicsversatile variety with high yield and good taste
Ripening period80-85 days
Starch content12-16%
Mass of marketable tubers80-150 gr
The number of tubers in the bush6-16
Yield390-460 c / ha
Consumer qualitiesgood taste, the flesh does not darken, suitable for frying
Keeping quality92%
Peel coloryellow
Pulp coloryellow
Preferred growing regionsany soil suitable for growing potatoes
Disease resistanceresistant to scab, viruses, potato cancer, moderately resistant to late blight
Growing featurespreliminary germination and planting in warm soil is recommended
OriginatorSolana (Germany)

"Queen Anna" is an early ripening variety, from the moment of emergence of most shoots to technical maturity, no more than 80 days pass, potatoes can be consumed before the end of the vegetative period, conditional maturity occurs earlier than technical maturity.

Reference. Conditional maturity - potato tubers are of sufficient size, but the skin is thin, not strong and lags behind the tuber.

The root vegetable has a dense, smooth yellow rind and yellow flesh of a firm structure. The eyes on the peel are small, set shallow, practically on the surface.

The presence of superficial eyes facilitates cleaning and further processing of potatoes, such potatoes are more convenient for packaging.

The shape is oblong, elongated - oval. Potatoes have a high marketability percentage - more than 94%.

Weight - from 84 g to 140 g, dimensions - more than 10 cm in length. Starch content - 13 to 15% - the border between low and high.

Attention! The amount of starch depends on the weather conditions - in a dry hot summer, there will be more starch in the tubers than in a rainy one.

Fertilizers affect the level of starch, do not allow it to decrease.

Potatoes with a low starch content - up to 14% are suitable for making soups, salads, boiling potatoes - they do not boil over during heat treatment.

In the table below, you can see the percentage of starch in other varieties of potatoes and compare them with the data:

Variety nameStarch content


Koroleva Anna potato bushes have the following distinctive characteristics:

  • The shoot is a sprawling, upright or semi-upright bush of medium size.
  • The leaves are large and have a typical potato shape, wrinkled structure with slight pubescence, dark green in color, spaced apart.
  • There are many flowers, the corolla is large, white.

Climatic growing zones

Successful testing of potatoes was carried out in the Middle Volga region. Koroleva Anna, due to early maturity, can be grown throughout the territory of the Russian Federation. and neighboring countries, as well as in Europe. In arid regions, good watering is required.


The yield of "Queen Anna" exceeds the standards of the Middle Volga region, the maximum yield is 450-500 centners per hectare, with the first sample on the 45th day after germination, about 100 centners per hectare were harvested. It practically does not have small potatoes when digging into technical maturity.

The yield of other varieties for comparison is presented in the table below:

Variety nameYield
Lorch250-350 c / ha
Hostess180-380 c / ha
League210-350 c / ha
Pretty boy170-280 c / ha
Svitanok Kievup to 460 c / ha
Borovichok200-250 c / ha
Bast400-500 c / ha
American250-420 c / ha
Colombo220-420 c / ha
Red Fantasy260-380 c / ha


The variety is early, table variety, intended for consumption after heat treatment, more suitable for frying, soups and chips.

Reference. Yellow potato varieties are popular among summer residents - gardeners, they contain many useful substances, for example, carotene, which is a strong antioxidant.

Taste qualities

The Queen Anne has excellent taste and rich "potato" aroma, like all varieties of yellow potatoes. The potatoes are not bitter, they do not have a very pronounced sweetish taste. Does not boil soft, will look great on a festive table as a side dish.

Important! All the beneficial properties of potatoes will be fully preserved if boiled in their skins. The peel also has a lot of nutrients.

A photo

We invite you to visually familiarize yourself with the potatoes "Queen Anna" - a noble species, the description of the variety of which is set out above in the photo we have proposed:

Advantages and disadvantages

No flaws were found, nuances in the form of isolated diseases are possible. Needs watering in dry weather, has an average resistance to aridity.

Differs in such advantages:

  • bountiful harvest;
  • large, almost equal in size, root crops;
  • superficial eyes;
  • excellent taste;
  • increased carotene content;
  • resistance to mechanical damage;
  • high resistance to major diseases;
  • not picky about the type of soil;
  • stored for a long time.

Storage does not require any special conditions. In our articles, you will find detailed information about storage conditions in winter, about the timing and choosing the right place.

Country of withdrawal

Queen Anne ”was bred by breeders from Germany. In the Russian Federation, it has proven itself on the good side, has passed all the tests. It was included in the State Register for the Russian Federation in the Middle Volga region recently, in 2015.

Features of the


"Queen Anna" is an early variety, it is possible to start growing from April, usually planting begins in mid-May. Agrotechnics is not a complicated matter.

Temperatures that are too low or too high negatively affect the germination of potatoes, for planting, it is necessary to choose not hot weather, the soil temperature at a depth of about 10 cm should be warmed up to at least 10 degrees.

Early potatoes should not be overexposed in the ground after ripening. A week before planting, the potatoes need to be sorted out (select roots spoiled by rodents or very small roots). Queen Anne responds well to pre-lighting.

Gardeners often leave green tubers for seeds, such potatoes cannot be eaten because of the high content of a poisonous substance - corned beef, but they germinate the next year and develop much better.

Reference. Corned beef is a substance that is formed in potatoes when they are in the sun for a long time, in small quantities it is not dangerous for the body, but in large quantities it will be harmful.

Potatoes of this variety develop a lot of tubers, so more distance between plants is required, at least 20 cm. Potatoes should be planted in furrows or in beds with highly moistened soil. The type of soil is not important, but the potassium content should be high.

Behaves well when loosening, hilling, weeding. Fertilizing with mineral fertilizers is necessary. Read about how and when to make them and how to properly feed potatoes when planting in separate articles on our website. For the successful development of tubers, flowers on the shoots should be cut off.


Most early-maturing potatoes do not last long. Queen Anna tolerates storage positively at practically zero constant temperatures, the main condition is a dry, dark place.

Diseases and pests

This potato has a high percentage of resistance to late blight of tubers and shoots, cyst nematode, potato cancer, wrinkled banded mosaic and leaf curling.

Attention! It is not allowed to plant potatoes next to tomatoes or on areas where tomatoes grew last season - they have common diseases and pests.

Preventive spraying in dry weather against pests using insecticides is necessary.

"Queen Anna" conquers all gardeners with an abundance of harvest and taste.

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