Universal Siberian - tomato variety Buyan (Fighter): description, photo and main characteristics

Universal Siberian - tomato variety Buyan (Fighter): description, photo and main characteristics

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When choosing tomato seeds, every gardener wants to find the most versatile variety. The main requirements are easy care, excellent taste and high yield.

These and many other advantages are just possessed by the "Buyan" tomato variety, also known as "Fighter". When describing this tomato, both names are found, but remember - this is the same variety. Also, there are color differences in tomato varieties: "Buyan yellow" and "Buyan red".

The variety was bred in Russia on the territory of Siberia, registered in 2012. The most suitable growing regions are Siberia, the Urals and other areas with cold summer temperatures. "Fighter" is perfect for both fresh use and salting. Thanks to the strong but delicate skin, tomatoes do not crack in jars. They are also good for drying.

Description of the variety

Variety nameBuyan
general descriptionEarly maturing, determinant tomato variety for cultivation in greenhouses and open field.
Ripening period98-100 days
The formFruits are elongated, oval
ColorRed or yellow
Average weight of tomatoes90-180 grams
Variety yield25 kg per square meter
Growing features7-9 bushes per 1 sq. M
Disease resistanceOne of the most resistant to a whole range of diseases

Tomato "Buyan" ("Fighter") refers to early maturing and is a bush 40-50 cm high. It has a stable thick stem, belongs to determinant varieties and is not hybrid. Read about indeterminate varieties here.

Recommended for open ground and film shelters. It bears fruit well on light, highly fertile soils. Tomato variety "Fighter" easily tolerates drought, is resistant to tobacco mosaic virus and moderately resistant to diseases caused by bacteria.

Fighter's fruits are slightly elongated, oval, smooth, ripening they become deep red. They have a high dry matter content. Average weight ranges from 180 grams at the beginning and up to 90 grams thereafter. They have a smooth, thick skin. Seed chambers, on average, do not exceed 4-5 pieces per tomato, but the number of seeds is generally small (5% of the total mass). Not intended for long-term fresh storage.

You can compare the weight of the fruits of this variety with others in the table below:

Variety nameFruit weight
Buyan90-180 grams
Premier120-180 grams
King of the market300 grams
Polbig100-130 grams
Stolypin90-120 grams
Black bunch50-70 grams
Sweet bunch15-20 grams
Kostroma85-145 grams
Buyan100-180 grams
F1 President250-300

A photo


Due to its drought resistance, the variety is unpretentious in cultivation. Seedlings are not stretched. The Buyan tomato ripens early, with a high yield. With proper care, one square meter can yield up to 25 kg of tomatoes. Easily tolerates a sharp change in night and day temperatures. The taste of ripe tomatoes is sweet and sour, rich.

The main disadvantage is that it is not intended for long-term fresh storage. One of the earliest ripening varieties. The growing season of the "Fighter" is 98-100 days. Another pleasant feature of the species is its high set and yield.

You can compare the yield of the Buyan variety with other varieties in the table below:

Variety nameYield
Buyan25 kg per square meter
Russian size7-8 kg per square meter
King of Kings5 kg per bush
Long Keeper4-6 kg per bush
Grandma's giftup to 6 kg per square meter
Podsinsky miracle5-6 kg per square meter
Brown sugar6-7 kg per square meter
American ribbed5.5 kg per bush
Rocket6.5 kg per square meter
De Barao the giant20-22 kg per bush

Growing features

March is the ideal time to plant this variety for seedlings. The seeds go down to a depth of 2-3 cm. In the phase of 1-2 true leaves, start picking. It is recommended to feed the sprouts 2-3 times, use growth stimulants. Not earlier than a week before planting, the seedlings begin to harden. In open ground should be planted when frost is left behind. The ideal planting density is 7-9 bushes per 1 sq. m.

Regular watering is required (preferably after sunset). Top dressing and loosening are needed throughout the growing season. "Fighter" does not need pinning and garter. Mulching will help with weed control.

General recommendations for feeding - from the moment of picking seedlings and until the beginning of flowering of the "Fighter", it is necessary to include a complex of mineral fertilizers in its nutrition. After the formation of the first fruits, focus on potassium.

Also for fertilization you can use: organic matter, iodine, yeast, boric acid, hydrogen peroxide, ammonia.

Diseases and pests

Late blight of tomatoes

Tomato "Fighter" is one of the varieties most resistant to a whole range of diseases. If you follow the rules for caring for seedlings and fruiting bushes, diseases and pests will not affect your crop. However, there is a risk of some problems:

  • Cracking is a rare complaint when growing a Brawler. The reasons for their appearance can be different. The most popular: high humidity (control method is to reduce the number of waterings), overfeeding, overloading plants with fruits, strong wind, lack of light.
  • with apical fruit rot, still unripe tomatoes should be sprayed with a solution of calcium nitrate.
  • so that tomatoes are not affected by brown spot (late blight), they must be treated with Bordeaux mixture according to the instructions.
  • external changes. For example, a green spot at the base. This is not a disease! The spot in this variety disappears when fully ripe.

The circle of pests and diseases can be much wider if agricultural technology is not followed.

As for pests, the most common are: Colorado potato beetle, bear, spider mite, aphids. Insecticides will help in the fight against them.

Tomato variety "Fighter" is ideal even for growing in cold summer conditions, does not require much care and, before many other varieties, will delight you with a wonderful harvest!

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