Everything according to the calendar! Planting cucumbers for seedlings in March, February, April

Everything according to the calendar! Planting cucumbers for seedlings in March, February, April

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Cucumbers are a thermophilic plant native to India that grows naturally. This valuable and healthy crop is rich in magnesium, potassium, as well as carotene and B vitamins. Cucumbers are grown in almost every vegetable garden, both in the open field and in greenhouses, but in order to achieve high yields you need to know a number of subtleties for growing them.

Starting in February, you can start sowing seeds for seedlings with further transplanting sprouted cucumbers into open ground. Considering that cucumbers love shade, they can be grown on the windowsill in the house and on apartment balconies. The land for seedlings must be harvested in the fall. in order for it to freeze well, and two or three weeks before sowing, the land must be transferred to heat (house or apartment) so that it warms up properly.

When and how to plant in February

Needed before boarding cucumber seeds must be dipped in slightly salted water at room temperature for several hours... Now you can deal directly with sowing seedlings. You can use any plastic, cardboard or even paper containers, so that one container is at least half a liter in volume.

Learn more about preparing seeds before planting.

In each such glass drops one grain at a depth of three, four centimeters from the surface of the ground, then all containers are covered with a plastic bag and do not open for three days. After the specified period, the packages are removed, and abundant watering of the plants begins.

reference! The seedlings grow very quickly: in three days at a temperature of at least 25 °, the seeds germinate excellently, and with abundant irrigation of the soil, new leaves will appear in a day.

Be sure to use additional lightingespecially in the dark. Extending daylight hours prevents the plants from pulling upward and becoming ugly. The backlight can be purchased in specialized stores or you can design it yourself.

The maximum time for transplanting cucumber seedlings into the ground is three weeks, if you delay this process longer, then the plant will simply outgrow... Two or three week old seedlings must be carefully dumped into the ground, being careful not to damage the very fragile root system.

For this you need not water the plants for one day, after which they are easily removed from the container... February seedlings are a very early method of sowing, respectively, you can enjoy the harvest at the end of March or early April, but it is worth remembering that such seedlings are planted only in a warmed and carefully prepared greenhouse.

We have already figured out how to properly plant cucumbers for seedlings in February, it remains only to answer the question of when to sow seedlings. To do this, you can use the lunar calendar..

You need to know that sowing and planting on the new moon is not recommended, as well as on the waning moon, but the waxing moon is the time for all types of planting and sowing work.

The 2nd, 4th, 10th and 12th days of the growing moon are considered ideal. for the correct planting of cucumbers for seedlings. The calendar for planting cucumbers for seedlings is as follows: favorable numbers 4, 5, 10 and 28, unfavorable 11.24, 26.

When and how to plant cucumbers in March

The technique of planting cucumbers for seedlings in March is not too different from the usual one, however, there are still some nuances. Seeds before planting can be soaked in a pale pink solution of potassium permanganate or in slightly salted water. Plant in containers to a shallow depth (about three centimeters).

March seedlings it is necessary to light an additional about three hours a day, in the morning or in the evening at night. A week after sowing, the seedlings can be fed once using peat oxidate or ecosil.

Important! The optimum temperature for the harmonious growth of seedlings at night is + 14 °, not lower, the daily rate is about + 20 °.

The timing of fruiting largely depends on the variety of the crop and on the climate in which it germinates, however, growing cucumbers in greenhouses and greenhouses neargiving birth can be expected within 50 - 65 days after planting seeds.

Planting cucumber seeds in March according to the lunar calendar is no different from February: it is necessary to plant only on the growing moon on the 2nd, 4th, 10th, 12th days.

Attention! Seedlings are planted three weeks after planting seedlings, in greenhouses or hotbeds. Healthy sprouts by this time usually already have six leaves and two antennae, the stem of the nickname is quite thick, strong, healthy.

When and how to plant in April

The most convenient month for cucumber seedlings is - April. Especially if it is not possible to plant a plant in a greenhouse. In open ground, April seedlings can be planted as early as mid-May.

There is no need for additional lighting of the seedlings, since the daylight hours in April are already quite long. It is enough to expose containers with seedlings on the easternmost windowsill of a house or apartment, and young plants will have plenty of light and warmth. The seedlings are watered a little less often this February or March because the heating in the apartments is already turned off, the air humidity rises and the seedlings no longer need too much moisture. Drying out to the same should not be allowed. Seedlings are watered about once every two days, but abundantly.

After transplanting seedlings into open ground, it is necessary to monitor the soil and constantly irrigate the plant abundantly. Seedlings are planted at a distance of 50 - 60 centimeters from each other... It is necessary to remove low-quality fruit ovaries, tie up high stems and feed the crop (about four times in the entire season), for a full and fertile harvest. Optimally, watering and loosening cucumber plants is desirable every four days, both during flowering and throughout the entire fruiting.

reference! According to the lunar calendar, 9,18,22,26,27 and April 28 will be successful days for cucumber seedlings. The phases of the moon have a huge impact on the yield of certain fruit and vegetable crops.

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It is necessary to harvest a ready-made crop in the morning., then they are the juiciest and strongest. Cucumbers are plucked as often as possible (every other day) - this will somewhat increase the yield and the formation of new fruits. Have a harvest year!

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