Garden on garage

Question: garden on garage

Hi, my name is marcella Monaco, I live in Sarzana in prov of La Spezia, Liguria; part of my garden is in a garage, the thickness of the earth is just 20 cm, the position is south east for this reason is very sunny. There is no hedge on this side for obvious reasons, so the present grass is very ugly and in some places, despite the abundant watering, it burns. My question is the following: which plants can I insert in the middle of the earth, considering the thickness of the same on this side of the garden to move it a little while they make a veil of shade to the grass that probably would dry less? On the other side where there are a meter and a half of earth I have inserted a border of aromatic and local plants, I love rustic plants and plants from rocky gardens.Graze.

Answer: garden on garage

Dear Marcella,
we say that your problem is quite common to all Mediterranean gardens, if not for the depth of the soil, at least for the climatic conditions: sun, heat and drought.
So, surely you did well to dedicate a space to aromatic plants, because sage, rosemary, thyme, lavender, are among the most common drought-resistant plants, the pelosette and slightly thick, greyish leaves, testify to their efforts to adapt in extreme conditions; together with these I recommend the teucrio, the santolina, the ballota, the chickweed, the phlomis, all gray-leaved plants; ppoi dedicated to sedum, or to mesembriantemacee in cenerale, of all shapes and all colors.