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Question: orchid

On July 20, 2011, they gave me a PHALAENOPSIS orchid. It had two simple stems loaded with flowers. It remained so until October when all the flowers slowly fell and the stems began to dry out. I cut them both as close as possible to the base. since then the plant continues to put ever larger and greener leaves but no stems and flowers.
The orchid is found in a transparent plastic vase (the one in which it was found at the time of purchase), placed in a saucer, so that the roots can take the light. It is located on a shelf 170 cm from the ground. It is 3 meters away from a window and as many from the radiator, in a bright spot but without receiving direct light. The room temperature is around 20 degrees. The bath once a week by immersion and I moisten the leaves daily with cotton soaked in water. once a month it is fertilized.
The leaves are multiplied by July but no flowers, the roots are beautiful green and the leaves also.
Why doesn't it bloom?
Thank you in advance

Answer: orchid

Dear CArol,
Phalaenopsis typically bloom in spring, and sometimes have a second bloom in spring; if your plant has produced all those flowers in the fall, it is likely to skip spring flowering, or delay it slightly. The days are getting longer and you are sure that your plant will start to produce the floral stems, since you are treating it in the best way.