June 2011

June 2011

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7-10 June Varese

A new approach to the biology and care of ornamental trees "
It is the title of the seminar-workshop that FitoConsult of Varese organized from 7 to 10 June next. The seminar will be held at the "La casa del sole" complex in Barasso VA.
"Only those who touch the trees and know their biology and anatomy can take care of them professionally and appropriately": this sentence by Alex Shigo contains the philosophy and goals of our seminar.
The creator and presenter of the course will be dott. Daniele ZANZI, agronomist, expert in ornamental arboriculture, a pioneer of modern arboriculture - a sector in which he has worked for over 25 years obtaining the best international awards.
The course is aimed at sector technicians, administrators, students, enthusiasts and experts in the subject, who will be involved in technical lessons but above all in practical activities, aimed at the care of ornamental trees. Participation in the seminar entitles Agronomists and Forest Doctors to CF. The group of participants is extremely heterogeneous as it consists of experts from all over Italy.
The students will take part in field evaluations, dissections made by themselves, microscopic analyzes, literally "touching" the trees with their hands, analyzing every anatomical part of the plants to understand, discussing their functions and physiology.
The program, divided into four days, includes discussions on various topics: anatomy applied to trees, anatomical and physiological differences in wood, CODIT defensive mechanisms, plant physiology, anatomical and physiological aspects with links to practical results, associated with wood: microorganisms and mycorrhizae . The practical part includes the execution of dissections, excursions with collection of materials, visits to nurseries. There is also a visit to an urban park during which we will evaluate some elements of the tree heritage of the Garden City.
TUESDAY 7 JUNE 8: 30-17: 30
- The new biology of trees
- Tree anatomy
- Anatomical and physiological differences in wood: annular porosity, diffuse porosity, mixed porosity, conifers
- Macro and microscopic dissections and verifications
- CODIT defense mechanisms
WEDNESDAY 8th JUNE 8: 30-17: 30
- The tree as an energy system
- Plant physiology in the light of new scientific acquisitions
- Anatomical and physiological aspects related to practical aspects
- Associated with trees: microorganisms, mycorrhizae, etc.
- Dissections and tests in the laboratory
THURSDAY 9 JUNE 8: 30-17: 30
- External excursion with dissections and collection of material to observe, analyze and draw
- The tree in the nursery: practical studies in the nursery with dissections, checks and observations
8.30pm: convivial dinner
FRIDAY JUNE 10 AT 8:30 AM - 12:30 AM
- Practical aspects of modern arboriculture: pruning, consolidation, planting, specialized care, nursery techniques, fertilization, phytopathology
- The tree in the city: external practical verification with questions, practical tests and curiosity
You can also find details on the course on our website: both on the Home page and under the heading 'COURSES' where the booking form is also available. Limited number of seats. Participation in the course entitles to CF for Agronomists and Forest Doctors.

16 June Merano

Thursday, June 16 is the 10th birthday of the Sissi Gardens in Castel Truttmansdorff and to celebrate this happy event the spectacular interactive station "The underground plant kingdom" opens: a new adventure that will surprise young and old!
Merano, March 2011 - Thursday, June 16 at the Sissi Gardens in Castel Trauttmansdorff the new interactive station "The underground plant kingdom" is inaugurated, an exciting journey to discover the secret life of the flora.
A brand new space, set up in the park, characterized by a spectacular multimedia path carved into the rock, almost 200 meters long and divided into 6 caves.
The entrance cave, which welcomes visitors, and allows them to get used to the darkness is dark and mysterious: only those who circumvent the threatening mythological figure of the Cirbero, the three-headed dog that guards the underworld, has the right to continue and discover all the secrets of a silent world, which is usually not seen.
Visitors are catapulted into a fantasy world, where they can understand the fundamental phases of the underground life of plants: starting from the accumulation and intake of water - which is nourishment and source of life - through an itinerary that leads to the cave of light - the other irreplaceable source of energy and vitality - passing through three intermediate interactive stations. In these three caves the extremely important function of the root system is represented in a spectacular way, the role of the nutritive elements taken by the plants and the formation of underground fruits and bulbs, which are energy accumulators in the winter period. In other words, visitors can experience an entrancing and unique adventure, which will surprise young and old to learn while having fun!
But the surprises are not over yet. Still on the occasion of the 10th anniversary of the Gardens, a completely revised version of the guide will be presented, which describes and makes the park's offer extremely usable. This guide was designed for families, art lovers and gardeners, for lovers of the Empress Sissi, but also for those seeking relaxation and for those who already know the Gardens. Grouped by themes, the new guide offers in-depth information on exotic and indigenous landscapes, various thematic gardens and interactive stations and describes a detailed calendar of blooms throughout the year; briefly presents all the panoramic itineraries and has a map that greatly simplifies the visit. In this way the Gardens of Trauttmansdorff Castle can be visited, choosing the preferred route, even more than once.
For the 2011 season the Sunday brunch "Breakfast at Sissi" and the great concerts of the World Music Festival, which sees the participation of internationally renowned artists, are reconfirmed. From this year on every Friday in June, July and August, the Gardens will open until late for “Trauttmansdorff di Sera”: special evenings organized in collaboration with the Touriseum, during which evening guided tours and a series of events are offered that join the
botany of food and wine and music! This is not just an opportunity to visit the park in a new version, but also a special gathering moment: young people can meet in the Gardens to spend a fun and relaxing evening, with music, great food and cocktails refreshing, on the dreamlike scenery of the park. Two evenings will be enlivened by the music of some DJs, while others will be especially dedicated to musicals or concerts of ethnic music.
Already visited by over 3 million people, in 10 seasons, the Gardens are a paradise on earth for New Times of the Sissi Gardens:
from 1 April to 31 October from 9.00 to 19.00
from 1 to 15 November from 9.00 to 17.00
info Gardens:
Friday in June, July and August from 9.00 to 23.00
The Sissi Gardens will reopen to the public on 1 April 2011.
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11-12 June Busalla (GE)

The very fragrant syrup roses of the Scrivia Valley are the protagonists of the IX edition of "Busalla in Fiore - Festa delle Rose". In addition to tasting and selling amazing products, such as aperitifs, syrups, rosolios, rose jams, events are planned dedicated to the traditional use of this precious product in the local and Mediterranean culture, with conferences and demonstrations. Music, entertainment, exhibitions, gastronomy and many other events will accompany the entire fair.
Info: the Rose Valley Association Scrivia - // [email protected]

Month of June Milan

Balconi in Fiore: the initiative of Piazza Portello and Iper la grande I
Only a few days are left to participate in the project that will reward the most beautiful flowering balconies in Milan
PiazzaPortello and Iper La grande i present Balconi in Fiore, the initiative dedicated to the balconies and terraces of Milan which in these days explode with colors, fragrances, thanks to the creativity of green enthusiasts. A project that aims to make visible the commitment, care and dedication of the "gardeners by passion", the passion for nature, for the environment and for their city.
There are three categories on which to test one's green thumb: the most original balcony, the most colorful and the most refined.
Experienced landscapers will select the photographs that correspond to the three categories, they will personally visit the balconies to declare the three winners, who will be rewarded with shopping vouchers worth 250 euros each, to be used inside the PiazzaPortello hypermarket.

The photographs of the Balconi in Fiore initiative must be sent to the e-mail address [email protected], or delivered directly to the reception point of Iper, La grande i (inside Piazza Portello), by 30 June .

June 2011: 3-5 June 2а && Civitavecchia (RM)

Forte… Flora: Flower and Nursery Market Show and Garden Furniture
Forte Michelangelo, Civitavecchia - ROME
From 10.00 to 19.00 - free admission