Apartment plants

Jobs of the February apartment month

Jobs of the February apartment month

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Jobs of the February apartment month

In the month of February, for some weeks already we can observe the lengthening of the days, which brings a general awakening of our apartment plants. If we did not proceed in the fall, this month, it is time to do some work, how to prune the specimens that need to be scaled down or that have unbalanced shapes; It is also advisable to proceed with a general cleaning of the foliage, removing the damaged parts, dry or with few leaves, so as to favor the development of many new shoots.
With the approaching of the warm season, in February we can carry out some jobs, like gradually starting to water the apartment plants in winter vegetative rest, taking up even with the administration of fertilizer; let's remember to use specific fertilizers for each essence, especially for houseplants: the potted specimens can enlarge their roots in a small portion of land, in a small space, and "conditioned" by our actions, shortages or excesses some mineral salts can cause serious damage to our plants.
February is also the time of the last repottings, to be done before the plants have shown a complete vegetative growth.

On the terrace

If the days are at least moderately warm we can also begin to think about the decoration of the terraces; especially in the southern regions, mild temperatures can allow us to prepare outdoor planters; in addition to plants that do not suffer from cold, such as pansies and heather, we can also place primroses on the balcony, present in various colors: we may also think of botanical primroses, such as P. obconica, with its particular inflorescences. If we keep jars and planters from last year we take advantage of these weeks to clean and disinfect them before we can use them. If the climate is unfavorable we can also think of preparing a small project for the terrace, with the help of paper, pencil and maybe some volume on potted gardening; also on our site you can find detailed information and images of many plants suitable for terraces and balconies.

Where the weather is mild we can evaluate the possibility of periodically opening greenhouses and winter shelters, so as to aerate them, and to avoid reaching excessively high temperatures; even in areas of Italy with a very harsh climate, the continuation of sunny and warm days can cause temperatures to rise in greenhouses, which can reach up to 40 ° C, harming plants: let's remember to check winter shelters, and in case we ventilate for short periods, taking care to do so when there are not particularly cold and windy days, as currents of cold air could arise which could damage some types of plants.

If we want to prepare ourselves plants for the garden it is good to start already in February, arming ourselves with a good peat mixed with sand, to be placed in seedbeds, to be kept in places with temperatures always above 10-15 ° C; before sowing, let us remember to check the characteristics of each species: not all seeds germinate at low temperatures, for some we will have to wait until March-April. It is important, for sowing, to prepare a good substrate and, once done, to preserve the seedbed in a protected and sheltered place, so as to allow the growth of the shoots. Also avoid cold air currents.