Care of roses

Question: care of roses

good morning,
my question is about roses, they told me that there are plants or flowers that are planted under roses, help them against parasites, and reduce the prolongation of diseases.
Is it true, if so, what are these plants called and how much should they be planted?
Thank you, let us go. Marco

Answer: care of roses

Dear Marco,
there are plants that with their smell or with the essential oils found on their foliage keep away some insects and some fungi from our plants; generally near the roses it is advisable to place ornamental garlic bulbs (choosing small varieties) because it seems that close to garlic seedlings hardly develop oidium; the marigolds and the nasturiz instead hold distant aphids and other insects. If you have to prepare the flowerbed under the roses you can choose between these plants, which perhaps will not completely extinguish the risk of pests and diseases, but they will contribute to making the attacks unlikely or of slight entity.