Orchiea buds leak

Orchiea buds leak

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Question: orchids

Hi, I'm Rossella D, I follow your column on the order and recently I presented my problem concerning my phaelenopsis that is losing its buds. I tried to spray the plant and the same buds, to make the environment more humid and no changes in temperature, but nothing has changed and I'm noticing that the other smaller buds are also yellowing and drying one by one. Please help me. Thanks

Orchiea buds loss: Answer: orchids

Dear Rossella,
the reasons why a phalaenopsis prde buds can be attributed to the low environmental humidity (and this is usually the main cause), or it may be other problems:
- excess watering and soil that often remains wet for a long time, suffocating the roots.
- over-fertilization or lack of them. Orchids need a specific, very diluted fertilizer, to be given about once a month, avoiding leaving the solution with the fertilizer in contact with the roots for a long time.
- proximity to heat or air sources, such as air conditioners, radiators, fireplaces, fans, windows that are often open.
- lack of light, cultivation in an excessively dark corner of the house.