Tips for gardeners when it is better to plant margelan radish seeds in open ground and in a greenhouse

Tips for gardeners when it is better to plant margelan radish seeds in open ground and in a greenhouse

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Radish as a vegetable is not the last place among other garden crops. If we talk about the time of its sowing, then it is determined by the characteristics of the variety.

So, early varieties are sown in March. Summer cultivars are larger in size. They are planted in April or May.

Autumn varieties are planted in early July, but winter varieties, which can be stored, are planted no later than June 20, since their root crops must be given the opportunity to fully ripen.

The importance of planting root crops on time

Like other plant species, Lobo Chinese radish can be planted both outdoors and in a greenhouse. It is very important to choose the time of the given sowing. Total sowing dates are determined by the direct variety... After all, they are all different in terms of early maturity and ripening of fruits. It is also important to plant the plant at the required temperature.

If this is not done, then disastrous consequences await you. You can take care of the plant all the time, but due to untimely planting, the radish will not give the harvest that you would like, and you will simply waste your time.

What determines the timing of sowing seeds?

There are two main factors that influence the timing of seeds entering the soil. First of all, this is the period of maturation of the plant. The second factor is the immediate climate in a particular area. Often, in our climate, sowing can be done at two different times.

  • The first time when seeds are sown is spring. You need to sow radish in the second half of spring, from late April to late May.
  • The second term is already summer. Here the duration is much longer. It can begin in July and last until August, although some experts note sowing even in September. Most people sow in the summer, as in this case the radish will not begin to bloom earlier than the appointed time. And it's not worth worrying about the fact that the fetus will not have time to gain size.

If you want to carry out sowing in a greenhouse, then the terms are completely opposite.

  1. Sowing can be carried out starting from February and ending with the dates of sowing in open ground.
  2. The second term begins in the month of October. In such cases, the harvest will be in April or June.

Difference for greenhouse and open field

Most a favorable temperature for the growth of such a vegetable is 18 - 20 degrees above zero... With these parameters, growth increases significantly. But sprouts sprout, starting from four degrees above zero. Therefore, radish can be planted so early.

But often in our climate, such a temperature is kept very little, it is either too low, or much higher than these indicators. In this case, peduncles begin to grow, which negatively affects the fruiting of the plant.

  1. The distinguishing feature between open field and greenhouse planting is the difference in seasons. A radish is planted in a greenhouse in order to be eaten at the beginning of spring. Various types of plants can be grown in the greenhouse, as it maintains a favorable temperature all year round. The most suitable temperature for growing this crop is around 20 degrees.
  2. Also, the sowing difference lies in the soil treatment. Sowing vegetable seeds in open ground requires much more labor, since it is necessary to fertilize the soil in the fall, given that the planting will be at the end of May. In the case of a greenhouse, fertilizers are applied to the soil just before direct planting.

Landing times in different regions of Russia

In the Urals

Radish is called a long day vegetable... In a standard climate for a given plant, sowing is carried out in the middle or at the end of spring, but in other territories these terms are slightly shifted.

For example, in the Urals, sowing moves forward. In this case, you need to plant Margelan radish in the second half of summer. This is justified by the fact that such a culture under 10 o'clock day conditions will not develop its vegetative shoots so much, which means that all fertilizers and vitamins will go directly to the root, that is, to the fruit.

In the suburbs (middle lane)

It is the territory of the Moscow region that is most favorable for growing radishes in Russia.

Here the climate is more temperate, and the method of care and sowing is standard. I.e, sowing in open ground is carried out at a temperature of 19-22 degrees... It is better to sow a little later, so that the shoots do not sprout, and the nutrients do not reach the fruit.

These are the little tricks that will allow you to achieve the most favorable result.

From mid-season varieties of Margelan radish, the hybrid Elephant Fang can be recommended. It surpasses its counterparts not only in size, but also in the content of nutrients. Its planting dates are at the end of June - beginning of July.

In Siberia

Despite the fact that there are cold regions in the Russian Federation, people there also want to grow plants. The Margelan radish variety is quite realistic to plant and grow in Siberia. The seeds of such a culture are capable of high-quality germination through the ground even at minimum, but still positive temperatures.

In such terrain, many experts advise using early landing versus standard. In this case residents will be able to harvest even before the onset of severe autumn frosts.

We examined in detail the timing of sowing Margelan radish. As you can see, in temperate climates, cooler or hotter, you can grow plants. Any business requires both theory and practice. Only by studying the theory in detail can you get enough fruits in practice.

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