How to choose the best ready-made soil for tomato and pepper seedlings? Review of the most popular mixtures

How to choose the best ready-made soil for tomato and pepper seedlings? Review of the most popular mixtures

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What could be more fun growing your own seedlings for an addicted gardener? This is a very exciting event for most gardeners, moreover, it is considered a useful and interesting activity. Indeed, in order to get a good result, you need to make the right choice of the variety, as well as spend the seedling growing period. But what determines the growth, development of seedlings, its well-being - this, of course, is the soil. The most correct soil for seedlings is the one that provides a particular culture in its needs.

Pros and cons of ready-made seedling soil

Most beginners in plant growing initially do not even notice the differences from which land is better to take for seedlings, because at first glance it does not differ. But this is not the case.

The soil has a sufficient number of characteristics that affect the yield. It must be fertile and contain the substances required for nutrition and growth.

What should be the microflora of the soil, what substances are needed for plant nutrition? Let's answer this question like this:

  • the content of organic matter and minerals in the soil, in terms of their composition, must be balanced and accessible for assimilation;
  • the ability to retain moisture for a long time;
  • not contain toxins, layers of heavy metals and hazardous industrial waste, that is, be environmentally friendly;
  • contain a neutral level of acidity;
  • free from foreign matter, be airtight and crumbly, free from lumps - be light.

Foreign inclusions include:

  • clay, which makes the soil mixture very dense, poorly permeable to water and air, which causes seedling disease;
  • plant residues, which, as a result of decomposition, begin to release heat and reduce the concentration of nitrogen in the soil, which causes the death of young shoots;
  • weed seeds, cause danger in the presence of pathogens on them;
  • the presence of worms or insect larvae, which, being in a seedling pot, can cause great harm to the plant.

Peat is used as the main component of the soil. Its disadvantages include high acidity with poor water resistance. These "disadvantages" become the reason for the weak development of the plant and their lagging behind in growth.

How to independently prepare the soil for tomato seedlings is written here, and about what kind of soil you need to choose for seedlings and an adult plant, read here.

"Terra Vita"

In terms of its composition, Terra Vita soil is considered a universal soil, which includes a large number of biologically active components, such as:

  • high-moor peat - increases air permeability and hygroscopicity, the presence of this component makes the soil lighter;
  • river sand (washed) - the soil becomes more crumbly;
  • biohumus;
  • perlite granules;
  • micro and macro elements;
  • nutritional complex;
  • growth stimulants;
  • the acidity of the soil is in the range of pH 6-6.5.

Due to its rich nutritional composition, ready-made soil "Terra Vita" for tomatoes and peppers allows the plant not only to grow quickly, but also has a stimulating effect on root formation.

Not only these indicators, but also affordable price of soil (from 90 rubles) becomes the advantage of "Terra Vita".

"Miracle garden"

This type of soil is made from neutralized high-moor peat, to which balanced micro and macro elements are added in the required amount.

It is used for growing vegetables and seedlings, home flowers and other crops. Due to the available agrophysical properties, this the soil creates the necessary conditions for the germination and development of seedlings.

The cost of products from 86 rubles and the absence of negative reviews, make the soil attractive for gardeners.


This species is presented in the form of a completely prepared soil for growing seedlings of tomatoes, peppers, and so on, it can also be used as a top dressing in the fruiting process.

It should be noted that the soil "Malyshok" contains a full set of nutrients necessary for growing seedlings.

Affordability (from 80 rubles), makes it possible for any gardener to purchase this drug.


This type refers to a popular, effective and affordable soil. The unspoken name of this drug among plant breeders sounds like "the favorite drink of plants." This speaks about the quality of the product, about its compliance with environmental standards. It contains well-selected components, thanks to which the best soil acid balance is maintained.

And due to its high concentration, the tool saves money for gardeners. The low price of the product from 100 rubles and the absence of restrictions on the shelf life makes this primer especially attractive. Contraindications, as well as negative qualities, the drug has no.

Other types


The drug, modern, peat humic promotes the growth and development of seedlings.

The nutritional complex has a significant effect on the root system of the plant, which in no way degrades the ecological purity and taste of the finished crop.

Despite its inexpensive cost of 86 rubles, it has no shortcomings, which means that this the drug will be effective as a top dressing.


It is considered a versatile nutrient soil that is used in the process of growing vegetable seedlings. The composition contains high quality peat containing mineral fertilizers and refined sand.

Its application will improve the structure of the soil, thereby improving seed germination and healthy growth. The absence of shortcomings and the cost of the drug from 80 rubles gives the right to think only about the yield and the extension of the flowering cycle.


The Biudgrunta mixture is considered universal, completely ready to use.... Tomatoes, peppers and other vegetable crops are especially responsive to the use of this drug.

The multicomponent composition of the soil mixture helps in the process of plant survival, reduces the ripening period and, despite the short growing season, helps to fully ripen even in the regions of the North. The low price of the drug from 66 rubles makes it possible for any gardener to purchase it.


The preparation is based on salts of humic acids with a complete set of microelements necessary for plant nutrition. The use of the drug will allow growing environmentally friendly products.

This the mixture helps to improve germination, allows you to get healthy seedlings, accelerates the ripening process and improves the quality of the crop. An affordable drug from 86 rubles can be used without any additives in its pure form.

"Garden land"

This type of preparation is intended for growing peppers, tomatoes and eggplant. It is considered a highly effective nitrogen-phosphorus-potassium fertilizer containing nutrients necessary for the plant.

It is also good to use this soil for healthy and strong seedlings. The low price of 84 rubles and the absence of shortcomings will make it possible for any gardener to take care of their seedlings.


They are used to grow seedlings of tomatoes, peppers, as well as various ornamental and floral crops, and so on. Produced in the form of peat slabs with all the required additives included in themthat promote the growth of seedlings.

A briquette of such soil is placed in a pallet and filled with water until it is completely saturated. The resulting mixture is used for feeding plants in open and closed ground. The price of the product from 82 rubles allows any gardener to purchase soil to obtain a high yield.


Due to the contained soil microflora, biohumus helps plants in the assimilation of nutrients. Thanks to the assistance provided in the development of ovaries, it contributes to the productive growth of the plant, increases the yield.

The composition of "Biohumus" includes low-lying ventilated peat with stale sawdust, peat processed by earthworms with bird droppings. In terms of its qualities, this type of fertilizer is considered more effective than humus. The low price of 80 rubles does not affect the quality of the product.

Choosing one or another soil for tomatoes should look closely at factors such as the uniformity of the soil structure. In a quality preparation, all components have the same fraction and are thoroughly mixed. As for the fractions, it should be understood here that the small fraction will lead to acidification of the soil, while the large fraction will lead to rapid evaporation of moisture. The most optimal size of the soil mixture components will be a fraction of 3 to 4 mm. A domestic product offers products at more affordable prices, but not always with proper quality.

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