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Work of the month apartment May

Work of the month apartment May

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May works for indoor plants

During this beautiful month, May, our plants are resuming their life cycle "at full speed" following a period of stalemate due to the lowering of temperatures and the typical climatic conditions of winter; if we have not already done so in April, then it is good that we prepare our plants when spring comes. One of the operations to be performed is to repot the plants that need it; we always use a top quality soil, so that the roots of the plants find the nourishment they need and can develop in the best way, also adding sand or lapillus to the soil of the plants that need good drainage; after repotting we can also prune our plants, removing the branches without leaves or shortening the branches of the foliage that we want to contain, a good pruning will favor a compact and thick development in the months to come.

May work: fertilization

Among the jobs of the month, we must pause for a moment on the fertilizations, fundamental for the good growth of our seedlings. From this month all our houseplants need regular fertilizing; always remember that green plants need, at this time of year, a rich fertilization especially in nitrogen; many plants, such as ficus, which reach considerable dimensions, need abundant and regular fertilizations. The succulents prefer instead potassium-rich fertilizations, since excesses of nitrogen can favor the decay of the tissues of these plants. Pay attention to the particular cultivation needs of your plants to see them grow bright, vigorous and healthy.

Indoor plants exhibition in May

With the arrival of temperatures above 20 ° C we can also provide to bring the plants outside, if this is clearly possible; the positioning outside of houseplants, on a terrace or in the garden, is very beneficial, since greater ventilation, exposure to rain, the presence of natural lighting, are all elements that favor a vigorous and healthy development.
Before placing the plants outside it is good to provide a broad-spectrum insecticide treatment, and also to clean the leaves, to be done with a slightly damp soft cloth, to remove the dust that has surely settled over the months from the leaf page. winter and so get beautiful plants to look at and able to give an extra touch to your home or the terrace on which they will be placed.

Work of the month apartment May: Advice for the exhibition

In this month we can also put all our bonsai outside, which we had repaired at home or in a cold greenhouse to protect them from the harsh winter temperatures. Moving outside our plants it is good to consider the luminous needs of each of them: plants that like a lot of light cannot always be exposed directly to sunlight; in general it is always good to choose bright but shady places, for example on a balcony facing west, which is reached by the sun's rays only in the evening hours, or in the shelter of trees or shrubs. Some plants can be placed in full sun, like some bonsai and most of the succulent plants. So take care to avoid situations that could irreparably compromise the health and growth of your plants.