Mother Grass

Question: Mother Grass

I wanted to know if you can easily find the herb we use in the kitchen in the store ??

Answer: Mother Grass

Dear Paul,
although in many places the mother herb is also commonly called artemisia, the one used in cucna in Veneto and Lombardy actually belongs to the genus tanacetum, in particular it is tanacetum parthenium, or an asteraceae, a sort of daisy, which bitter leaves are used, both in the preparation of sweet and savory dishes; often this herb is used to prepare pancakes or cakes.
It is a plant widespread in Italy as a weed, so it is not easy to find it in herbal medicine or even in the nursery, as its commercial interest is scarce. Or at least: it is difficult to find the leaves of this plant, to cultivate it or use it in the kitchen, but it is quite widespread as a herbal plant, and therefore the dried leaves or mother tincture are quite widespread. With the botanical name, tanacetum parthenium, you can surely find it more easily, if you want to grow it try asking in a well-stocked nursery, perhaps they can find an aromatic plant producer who also sows some tanacetum.