Secrets of a high-quality dill harvest in the garden: why the spice does not grow and how to fix it?

Secrets of a high-quality dill harvest in the garden: why the spice does not grow and how to fix it?

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Dill is a rather unpretentious plant. It has long been accustomed to treat it like a weed, but it is already impossible to imagine a table without this fragrant and lush greenery. Dill is tasty both fresh and dried, and in the process of conservation it is simply irreplaceable.

Despite the ease of care, many may complain that this spice does not grow in the garden or simply does not grow. So why isn't it growing?

How many days to wait for the harvest, what determines the growth rate of greenery in the garden?

Dill grows on average from 30 to 75 days. This fact is influenced by the variety of greenery. The growth rate of dill depends on the variety, breeding methods and growing location. There are varieties for early and late planting of dill.

  • "Grenadier" - an early ripe variety, the harvest can be harvested within a month after planting.
  • "Lesnogorodsky" - mid-season variety. Produces greens stably, even when the umbrella is formed and the seeds ripen. The ripening time is 70 - 80 days from germination to maturity.
  • "Patterns" - late-ripening variety. From first germination to harvest from 42 to 57 days. Quite high-yielding. The variety practically does not get sick, and it often reaches a height of one meter.

Many gardeners are especially fond of the varieties "Alligator" and "Mischievous". Thanks to them, juicy greens can be harvested until autumn. Dill seeds are sown directly into the ground. This type of greenery can be sown in the garden five or six times during the season.

For, in order for dill to give the maximum yield, you need to remember some rules:

  1. Sow dill with slightly sprouted seeds in moist, fertilized soil. For this, the seeds are placed in moistened gauze and placed in a warm, dark place. Spray them with water as they dry.

    Soon the seeds will sprout and can be planted in prepared soil. In this case, you will reap a large harvest.

  2. When planting a crop, do not roughly throw seeds into the ground. In this case, they may not ascend.
  3. If you are planting seeds in dry soil, it should be watered immediately after planting.
  4. Although dill is an undemanding plant, it is very fond of sunlight. Therefore, when disembarking, you need to take care of a place in the garden where the sun's rays will penetrate at least 12 hours a day.

What month does it yield in the country?

How long does it take for a culture to mature? It depends on the variety and the time of disembarkation. Dill seeds are sown in autumn and springaccordingly, the harvest is harvested from May to September.

A photo

Look at the photo of how the fragrant spice grows:

Why does the greenery not develop at all or does it badly, what to do in this case?

Consider what are the main reasons that the greens have sprung up, but not developed.

Natural causes

We exclude natural causes (not yet time). Dill is usually planted in early spring. Cucumbers, legumes, potatoes are the best precursors for planting.

Poor quality seeds

Bad seeds are one of the main causes of poor dill fruiting. To be sure of the quality of raw materials for planting this spice, you need to take care of this yourself and use your seeds.

Grains must be harvested from a plant that has already grown in the garden... It is very important to store them properly, not expose them to moisture and avoid exposure to direct sunlight. If you do not have your own seeds, experienced gardeners strongly advise you to purchase them at the pharmacy.

Poor soil or lack of fertilizer

Increased acidity of the soil - death for dill. It is necessary that the soil is sufficiently moist. Fertilizers play an important role.

When properly planted and cared for, dill grows lush and aromatic.... In dry and cracked soil, the crop will shoot an arrow too early and the seeds from such a plant cannot be used for planting next year.

That is why it is very important to monitor the moisture and fertility of the soil, especially in the summer. Dill must be planted in well-prepared soil. It should be loose and fertile. If your garden cannot boast of such qualities, it is necessary to fertilize it in advance.

In the spring, during digging, chicken droppings or manure are introduced into the ground... To avoid infertile soil for the next year, it is necessary to apply mineral fertilizers to it in the fall. Under the autumn digging to a depth of 20-25 cm, add 2-3 kg per square meter of humus.

Diseases and pests

The most common disease for a spice is powdery mildew. The first sign of the spread of the fungus is the presence of a white bloom. To combat this disease, a solution of potassium permanganate or preparations containing copper are used.

To prevent this disease in the future, carefully monitor the condition of your plantings. Infected areas with greenery must be removed... Blackleg can also attack your dill plantings. The first sign is a rotting stem, which begins to turn black and leads to the death of the plant.

The drug Fundazol will help in the fight against this ailment. The cause of the disease can be not only too abundant watering, but also sharp temperature fluctuations, lack of loosening, crust on the soil surface.

To avoid such problems it is necessary to monitor the condition of the soil, apply mineral fertilizers on time... If the plant turns red, look for one of two reasons.

  • First, the soil is oversaturated with ash and lime, as well as phosphorus. It is strictly forbidden to apply such fertilizers.
  • The second reason is Fusarium disease. In case of mass infection, it is necessary to remove the infected plants and monitor the spread of the disease.

Aphids are a fairly common pest for dill. To prevent the fight against these parasites, it is not worth planting densely. It is recommended to plant mallow and chamomile next to them. Aphids cannot stand the smell of these plants. Umbrella moths can also attack your dill plantings.

To combat it, you need to collect the infected plant and burn it. For prevention, you need to destroy wild umbrella crops in the area.

Read more about the diseases and pests of dill here.

Improper care

This reason can also get in the way of a good harvest of dill (read how to get a good harvest of dill and why the greens turn yellow here). In order to avoid this you must adhere to the following rules:

  1. It is necessary to water the beds with dill 2-3 times a week, but do not fill it.
  2. Before planting seeds, it is necessary to apply mineral fertilizers, and water with humus to obtain lush greenery.
  3. Make it a rule to weed the dill garden.
  4. Thinning and loosening the soil with spice will give excellent results.
  5. In the heat, a canopy must be installed over the garden.

If you follow these recommendations, you will receive a fragrant, lush and rich dill harvest that will delight you all year round.

Watch the video: How To Plant Dill (June 2022).


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