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When to repot the Chamaedorea

Question: When to repot the Chamaedorea

Hi at home I have a beautiful Chamadorea plant (actually there are about 10 plants in the same pot) when I bought them they were very small and so the first time I repotted them all together.
I would like to ask you when is the best time to revive them, I want to make two vases, I would not do damage because they started to vegetate with new leaves and flowers.
Thanks for the reply you will give me.

Answer: When repotting the Chamaedorea

Dear Elena,
there chamaedorea It is a sort of small palm of American origin, widely cultivated in the apartment; also in nature, plants tend to develop many basal shoots, which give rise to thick woods, rather than to single specimens. Therefore even in nature these plants develop more or less like the vase you have prepared, bringing together more neighboring specimens.
If you intend to divide the head of roots, then dividing each portion obtained into individual pots, you can do it at the end of winter, or in autumn, when the plants are not in full vegetative growth.
To get healthy plants repotetal in not excessively large containers, as these plants tend not to love having large amounts of land available to develop in; always uses an excellent soil, avoiding the very low price that is often found in shopping centers; even if it costs a few euros more, the top quality soil allows us to cultivate our plants in the best possible way, forgiving some excessive watering, or when we forget to fertilize.
The young plants will be left to settle in the new pot for at least a week, then you can start watering again; if you decide to do the potting at the end of winter instead, immediately after having repotted them, proceed with the first watering; while for fertilizing you can also wait a couple of months, as the fresh soil is already fertilized.
Remember that these plants originate from areas characterized by a warm and always humid climate, so to allow them to develop in the best way, it is important to always guarantee a very humid air and temperatures that never fall below 10-12 ° C.