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Work of the fruit and vegetable month of May

Work of the fruit and vegetable month of May

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Work of the fruit and vegetable month of May

The vegetable garden, in May, should already have been tilled and enriched with fertilizer; if we were lazy in April, it is good to provide these jobs now. Then we can begin to plant cabbages, aubergines, peppers, tomatoes, chard, hot peppers, cucumbers, pumpkins, courgettes and potatoes. We can sow: Basil, Biete, Cardi, Carrots, Cucumbers, Chicory or Radicchi, Beans, Green Beans, Lettuce, Melons, Parsley, Rocket, Scarole, Scorzobianca, Spinach, Valerian, Pumpkins, Zucchini, and aromatic herbs in general. We will also have to watch for the arrival of the first pests, to prevent them from spreading excessively.
Also for fruit plants, once the blooms are over, it is good to evaluate the possibility of practicing a treatment against fruit fly and against aphids.

May month fruit and vegetable works

As mentioned in the previous paragraph, in the month of May the fruit and vegetable works should already have been started, especially for all those varieties that mature in the summer period. This month is presented as very rich in operations, both as regards the first crops and the sowing of many types of vegetables. Since the temperatures in this period start to be more pleasant and the risk of night frosts is no longer present, the sowing can be carried out directly in the ground, without the need to use protected environments. Especially for the more delicate varieties it is possible to use seedlings in which the seeds sprout, but these can be placed directly outdoors; this technique is indicated for cauliflower and cabbage. While for green beans, peas, salad, tomatoes and zucchini, the sowing can be carried out in the open ground.

Vegetable garden

In the garden this period is very important for the sowing and transplantation of numerous varieties of plants; for vegetables that have a climber development it is important that they prepare suitable supports that allow good growth and make the subsequent harvest easier. It is then necessary to intervene in the plot dedicated to the vegetable garden to eliminate weeds and weeds, taking care to carry out this operation regularly. Care should be taken to avoid ruining the roots of cultivated plants, but acting decisively to eliminate the problem of weeds. In this period it is also necessary to begin to intervene with regularity with watering, always taking care not to exceed in order to avoid the formation of water stagnations that could lead to the formation of radical rot. Greenhouses and sheets used to repair plants from the cold, in May, can be opened, even at night.


Speaking of fruit plants, in this period, especially in areas where the climate is warmer, it is good to begin to intervene with regular watering interventions, which allow good plant development and an abundant harvest. This type of operation is even more important for young specimens, planted recently, with a poorly developed root system. For some varieties of fruits, such as the apple, pear, apricot and plum trees, the first fruits can be pruned to allow better development of the best ones. It is also good to proceed with fertilizing interventions so as to provide the plants with the nutrients necessary for growth. It is also necessary to provide interventions with specific specific products to avoid the onset of fungal diseases and pathologies, which can be favored by a high degree of humidity. During the period, apple and pear grafts can also be made, while at the end of the month the fruits of cherries and apricots can already be harvested.