Harvest and delicious varieties of yellow tomatoes for your garden - TOP 5 options

Harvest and delicious varieties of yellow tomatoes for your garden - TOP 5 options

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Yellow tomatoes have long been very popular with gardeners.

After all, in terms of their qualities, they are in no way inferior to red-fruited ones. Their pulp is juicy, aromatic, slightly sweet and very healthy.

Varieties of golden tomatoes come in a variety of sizes and shapes. Read about the best of them below.

Scallops yellow

A high-yielding variety with an average ripening period, the fruits are harvested in 105-115 days from the moment of germination... In the middle lane, it is best suited for growing in greenhouses.

The bush is indeterminate (unlimited growth), reaches a height of 1.8-2 m, therefore, it requires pinching and pinching of lateral shoots. For better fruiting, it is advisable to form a plant in 2 stems, then 1 sq. m it will be possible to plant up to 4 bushes. Leaves are medium in size, thin, rich green.

The fruits have a very attractive appearance: heart-shaped with a rather elongated nose, golden yellow color, they seem to glow from the inside.

The pulp is yellow with pink veins, fleshy at the break, grainy in texture, very tasty and sweet with honey notes.

The mass of fruits with good agrotechnical care and competent planting can reach 500 g. The average weight ranges from 200 g. Up to 4 kg of tomatoes are obtained from one bush.

Tomatoes are suitable for fresh consumption, as well as juicing, first and second courses.

high productivity;

unpretentiousness, resistance to common diseases and cracking;

is distinguished by its resistance to drought and heat;

although the fruits are large, they tolerate long-distance transportation;

excellent taste.

high growth of bushes, which complicates care (require a garter).

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Caramel yellow

An early ripe high-yielding hybrid intended for cultivation in greenhouse conditions. You can start harvesting 100 days after sowing the seeds.... The tomato was bred by Russian breeders, is very popular among farmers, therefore it has spread widely throughout the country.

The bushes are moderately branched, high indeterminate, up to 2 m, require a garter to the support. During fruiting, they look very decorative, they are simply strewn with brushes with bright yellow tomatoes.

Fruits are small, weighing from 30 to 40 g, resembling plums in shape, collected in bunches of 25-30 pieces, sometimes their number reaches 50.

The skin is dense, the flesh is fleshy, sweet, for which the hybrid got its name. From 1 sq. m receive up to 4 kg of tomatoes.

extended period of fruiting, tomatoes can be harvested until the end of the season, picking them one by one or with whole brushes;

excellent taste;

immunity to dangerous tomato diseases: verticillium, root rot, gray spot, powdery mildew;

great for fresh consumption, whole-fruit capping and table decoration.

obligatory garter and pinching of the bush;

strict adherence to the feeding regime.


The Firebird tomato is a cold-resistant hybrid, which was bred by Siberian breeders. Recommended for outdoor use, but also suitable for greenhouse cultivation... The tomato is early ripe, from the moment of emergence to the ripening of the crop, it takes from 95 to 105 days.

The culture is determinate, has spreading branches and a large leaf mass. The bush grows up to 0.7 to 0.9 m, forms clusters with 5-7 tomatoes, requires formation of 1-2 stems.

The fruits have a glossy, golden-orange skin and a round shape. Sometimes they reach a weight of 250 g. The standard weight for tomatoes is 120-150 g. They tie well even in cold and rainy summers. The yield of the hybrid is 13 kg per 1 sq. m.

The taste is sweetish with sourness. Tomatoes are consumed fresh and canned, a tasty and healthy juice is prepared, which contains a high content of ascorbic acid and beta-carotene.

resistance to tobacco mosaic and alternaria;

high marketability and transportability;

tolerance for poor watering;

unpretentiousness and cold resistance;

duration of storage of fruits;

versatility in cooking.

requires a garter to the trellises and the formation of a bush.

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Lemon giant

A variety of medium ripening and salad designation. Recommended for growing both in open and closed ground in all regions of the Russian Federation. The period from germination to harvest is 110-120 days.

The plant is powerful, reaching a height of 1.8-2 m, requiring timely and regular tying and removal of stepsons. Leaves are medium in size, rich green.

Tomatoes are large, rounded, sometimes ribbed. The weight of one is on average 350-380 g... Gardeners with experience in growing this variety receive fruits weighing up to 700 g m and collect up to 6.5 kg of tomatoes.

The color of the tomato is rich lemon, in the juicy pulp there is also a slightly noticeable aftertaste of lemon.

stable yield in all weather conditions;

resistance to tomato diseases;

attractive presentation, pleasant taste and aroma;

excellent meaty consistency allows you to combine perfectly in cold appetizers and salads;

good keeping quality and transportability.

constant feeding, regular and high-quality watering are needed;

does not withstand heat treatments, the pulp turns into puree.

Banana feet

Not every variety of tomato can compare with this variety in terms of yield.... The bushes are literally covered with golden fruits. Banana legs are a determinant variety (limited in growth), recommended for growing both in a greenhouse and in the open field.

The height of plants in the greenhouse is 1.2 - 1.4 meters, in the open field - 0.8-1 m. Although the bushes are undersized, they are thin and spreading, therefore they require garters and pinching.

Fruits - elongated cream of dense structure, collected in clusters of 8-10 pieces... At the stage of maturity, they have a bright yellow color, weighing from 50 to 80 g, in a greenhouse - up to 120 g. The peel of the fruit is dense, the pulp has an unusual citrus flavor. Tomatoes are used for salads, canning, making sauces.

The yield of this culture is high - 5-6 kg from one bush.

abundant friendly fruiting;

resistance to heat and slight cold snaps;

good adaptation to local climatic conditions;

high percentage of seed germination (more than 97%);

strong immunity to diseases characteristic of tomatoes, in particular, to late blight;

good taste;

if the fruits are harvested at the stage of technical ripeness, then the shelf life can be extended to 3 months.

According to the reviews of vegetable growers, the variety has no pronounced shortcomings.

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