Cucumbers in a polycarbonate greenhouse: how to grow them correctly? Planting timing, care and yield of the vegetable

 Cucumbers in a polycarbonate greenhouse: how to grow them correctly? Planting timing, care and yield of the vegetable

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Cucumbers demanding heat and moisture level culture, which is best grown indoors.

In greenhouses or greenhouses crop yield increases significantly, the plants are less sick, the harvest period is lengthened.

In winter shelters, fresh, healthy fruits can be harvested even in the cold season. In greenhouses and hotbeds it is better to grow hybridsthat do not need pollination.

The best varieties for greenhouses

Plants with not too spreading whips, able to feel comfortable in the closed space of the greenhouse, are suitable. Determinant forms are preferred, when growing indeterminate cucumbers in a greenhouse, you will have to remove the lateral processes and pinch the growth points.

What are the best cucumbers to plant in a greenhouse? Indoor the following varieties are suitable cucumbers:

  1. Goosebump - a high-yielding early ripe hybrid. Moderately long vines need a secure fit and do not require pinching (bush formation). Fruits are medium-sized, neat, covered with small black thorns, with juicy and tasty pulp. Cucumbers are never bittersuitable for salads or pickles. The hybrid is resistant to real and downy mildew.
  2. Benefit - an early ripe hybrid, suitable for winter greenhouses and film greenhouses. The timing of planting cucumbers in a polycarbonate greenhouse must be calculated based on the fact that the fruits of this variety mature in 45 days after sprouting, do not taste bitter, suitable for canning or fresh consumption. Resistant to various diseases, rarely affected by pests.
  3. Suomi - an early ripening hybrid suitable for growing in winter greenhouses. The plant is compact, fruitful, with strong immunity. How do cucumbers grow in a greenhouse of this variety? The fruits are small, strong, with a pleasant, not watery taste. The appointment is universal.
  4. Bouquet - a very early variety. How many cucumbers grow in a greenhouse? Fruit ripen after 30 days after planting. The variety has a characteristic bouquet fruiting, small strong fruits ripen in a kind of bunches. The taste is rich and bright.
  5. Okhotny Ryad - a variety with a long fruiting period, fruits can be plucked throughout the season. Grows well under foil or in glazed greenhouses. Agrotechnics are standard. The fruits are medium-sized, strong, very juicy. Variety resistant to sulfur leg and powdery mildew.
  6. Emelya - an early maturing hybrid, ideal for heated greenhouses. Fruits ripen in bunches, tall bushes need strong supports. Cucumbers are especially tasty in salads, but canning is also possible.

Selecting seeds and growing seedlings

Best for planting seeds 2-3 years ago are suitable... They are distinguished by increased germination, and in the future they guarantee a good harvest. It is better not to use very old seeds.

How to plant cucumbers correctly? Before planting seed material is checked for germinationpouring salt water over them. For planting, seeds are selected that have sunk to the bottom. After collection, they are washed and treated with a growth stimulant. Then germination follows in a damp cotton cloth. To improve germination, seeds, wrapped in a damp cloth, are placed in a refrigerator for several days.

Cucumbers prefer light, nutritious soil. A mixture of garden soil with peat and humus is suitable, it is possible to add washed river sand, sawdust or vermicult. Superphosphate, potash fertilizers, or wood ash can be added for more nutrition.

Cucumbers poorly tolerate a pick, it is safer to grow them in individual containers: peat tablets, plastic or paper cups, structures rolled from plastic film.

How to plant correctly? In each container, 2 seeds are planted with a slight deepening. After germination, the weakest sprout is cut off above the ground. You can't pull it outso as not to damage the roots of another plant.

Seedlings are placed in a warm, well-lit place. Delicate sprouts do not tolerate drafts well, they need bright lighting. For better development, fluorescent lamps are strengthened over the plantings, extending the daylight hours. Seedlings need to be watered once every 5 days. warm soft water using a fine-mesh watering can or spray bottle.

After unrolling the first pair of true leaves, the seedlings can be fed with a weak mullein solution or a mineral complex specially designed for cucumber seedlings.

It contains nitrogen and potassium, which are essential for the successful development of plants. Next top dressing held before transplanting seedlings for permanent residence. When to plant cucumbers in your greenhouse, read on.

Rules for caring for cucumbers in a greenhouse

When are cucumbers planted in a greenhouse? For planting in a greenhouse suitable seedlingsreaching 25 days of age... Before transplanting, the soil is thoroughly loosened, plant remains and other foreign inclusions are selected from it. It is recommended to disinfect the soilby spilling a hot solution of potassium permanganate or copper sulfate.

How to plant cucumbers in a greenhouse correctly, at what distance? The scheme for planting cucumbers in a greenhouse is as follows: distance between cucumbers in the greenhouse should be 35 cm from each other, wide aisles are required.

Before planting, humus mixed with wood ash is laid out in the holes. In order not to injure delicate roots, disembarkation to the greenhouse of cucumbers (seedlings) produced by transshipment method, that is, it is placed in the hole along with a lump of earth.

If the plants were grown in peat pots, then a further cultivation technology is to cut them for better root germination. Freshly planted seedlings are sprinkled with soil, the surface is slightly compacted. It is impossible to deepen the seedlings, this can provoke root rot. After planting, the plants are watered and sprinkled with a thin layer of peat.

How cucumbers are planted in a polycarbonate greenhouse in this video:

How to care for cucumbers in the greenhouse? Cucumbers need high humidity... The greenhouse is ventilated only in warm weather; drafts are contraindicated for plants. The ideal humidity level is from 75 to 85%... Water the plants with warm soft water, preferably settled water.

In warm seasons, watering conducted twice a week, in the heat it is recommended to water the plants every other day. It is best to do this in the early morning or before sunset.

The temperature in the cucumber greenhouse during fruiting should be between 25 ° C-30 ° C. The total lighting of the greenhouse for growing cucumbers should be at least 12 hours.

The soil under the plants is regularly loosened... This improves air exchange and breaks up the dense crust that forms on the soil surface. Per plant season 4-5 times fed liquid complex fertilizer or organic matter.

It is preferable to alternate mineral supplements based on potassium with diluted chicken manure or mullein. It is useful to water the plantings with an aqueous infusion of weeds: nettle, woodlice, quinoa, sedge.

Plants it is important to protect against insect pests... Cucumber plantings can be affected by aphids, spider mites, naked slugs. (Read how to deal with them on cucumbers here)

Soapy water, flying insects help with aphids destroyed with insecticides... You can use toxic drugs only before flowering.

Spraying with phytopreparations or a solution of potassium permanganate is also useful. They help not only from pestsbut also from powdery mildew, real or false.

Features of growing cucumbers in polycarbonate greenhouses from "A" to "Z".

How to properly grow cucumbers in a polycarbonate greenhouse? For growing cucumbers in winter capital insulated structures are needed... The best option is greenhouses on a cinder block foundation and a metal frame, covered with sheets of cellular polycarbonate.

Such the greenhouse is equipped with vents for ventilation, double doors with a vestibule, drip irrigation system. More expensive industrial buildings are equipped with a fogging system and automatic shading curtains for hot summer days.

How to plant cucumbers in a polycarbonate greenhouse? In summer time cucumbers can be grown in light greenhouses without heating. They are covered with a film, but it is better to use polycarbonate. It does not interfere with normal insolation, but it scatters hot sun rays well, preventing them from burning the delicate leaves.

In the greenhouse polycarbonate an ideal microclimate is created... Together with cucumbers, they can grow spicy herbs, seedlings of flowers or vegetables, early cabbage and radishes. How to grow cucumbers in a polycarbonate greenhouse, we hope we have explained in general terms.

Additional crops are sown between cucumber bushes. They not only increase the productivity of greenhouses, but also protect cucumbers from weeds and additionally nourish the soil.

How and when to harvest

How to grow cucumbers in a greenhouse early? Gathering cucumbers in the greenhouse depends on the variety... The earliest cucumbers in the greenhouse form ripe fruits within 30-35 days after germination. For later cucumbers, 45-50 days pass from planting to harvest.

How much does a cucumber bear fruit in a greenhouse? There are varieties with an extended period of fruiting, allowing you to cut the fruit throughout the season. There are also hybrids with a bouquet type of ripening.... They tie many small cucumbers in one bosom, ripening goes on together and requires a one-time cutting.

Cucumbers are best cut early in the morning. The fruits are torn off by hand or cut off at the very base so as not to damage the whip and not tear off the leaves. The plants are fragile injured bushes stop growing and stop bearing fruit.

How many cucumbers can be harvested from 1 square meter of greenhouse? Yield cucumbers from 1 sq m (square meter) in the greenhouse, approximately 30 kg, assuming that 5-7 kg will be collected from one bush.

Greenhouse cucumbers
grown in fertile soil, have a pleasant rich taste, they are beautiful and good for the health... Planting and caring for cucumbers in a greenhouse is not a difficult process to give up. Even novice gardeners can grow cucumbers in a greenhouse. And growing early cucumbers in a greenhouse will replenish your body with vitamins.

Experimenting with varieties and properly caring for the plantings, you can achieve stable yields... We told you all the secrets about growing cucumbers in a greenhouse.

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