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Sos tomatoes !!!

Sos tomatoes !!!

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Question: sos tomatoes !!!

In the heated greenhouse I sowed, at the end of February (in a crescent), 4 varieties of tomatoes inside small trays equipped with a scarifier lid.
with great regret I noticed that the plants
already about 3cm high they are drying and yellowing at the base of the stem.
I state that for the sowing I used the "potgrond" substrate adding to the water of the watering a growth stimulator (Plagron Seed Booster) that I practice at odd days.
What can be the cause of the rescue ?!
Thanks for the help, best regards.

Answer: sos tomatoes !!!

Dear Antonino,
probably your seedlings are affected by some fungus or rot, due to an excess of watering; the preparation of plants by sowing seems very simple and free of problems, unfortunately it is essential to follow some precautions, on pain of losing whole seedlings.
At the time of sowing it is essential to use a rich, but very well drained soil, which allows the water to flow away without problems, to avoid extremely harmful stagnation, especially for plants that are still tiny.
During germination it is important to keep the soil always damp and fresh, in essence we imitate nature: when a seed falls into the ground, it usually finds a spring or autumn climate, therefore characterized by frequent rainfall; in addition to this the seeds are often so tiny, that a stone or a few blades of grass are already in the shade. To imitate this situation we also keep the seedlings in a not excessively sunny place, and we water them often, so that the soil remains slightly wet, but not soaked with water: we always wait for the substratum to dry slightly between two waterings.
When the seedlings begin to develop, producing the first true leaves, we will have to begin to cultivate them more or less as if they were adult plants; tomatoes, in particular, do not like excessively frequent watering, nor do they always have moist soil; therefore as the small plants grow, we will begin to provide them with better brightness, and less and less water, to allow the soil to dry completely before watering again.
From what you say I believe that the seeds you used were selected or treated, because it happens in home seedlings to use the seeds of the previous year's crops; in these cases, if the seeds are not first treated with fungicide, it often happens that they bring on their surface fungus spores, already present on the plants from which they were produced; so we are already here introducing into the soil the spores of fungal diseases that will then attack our small plants. For this reason we often turn to companies specializing in the production and selection of seeds, which guarantee us a product free from diseases.