Creeper of Asian origin, jasmine is grown throughout the Mediterranean area, as a garden plant; it is a vigorous plant, belonging to the oleaceae family, as well as the so-called evergreen jasmine.
Also this species is evergreen, it has small pinnate leaves, with a delicate aspect, and reaches in a short time the 150-200 cm of height; in spring it produces numerous bunches of white, trumpet, intensely perfumed flowers, with the well-known aroma typical of all the flowers of climbing jasmine.
It is grown in a very bright place, even with a few hours of direct sun, but possibly not in the hottest hours of the day. It loves soft and humus-rich soils, and, if grown in pots, it is necessary to place it in a very large container, to allow the development of the root system.
From the first warm to the autumn the watering will be abundant and regular, so as to keep the soil cool and moist; in the cold months we can suspend watering, or supply it only in case of prolonged drought.
Jasmine is not a rustic plant; although it can withstand very short frosts of slight entity, in areas with cold winters it needs to be cultivated in a cold greenhouse, or covered with non-woven fabric and positioned in a place sheltered from frost.