Wax on roses

Question: putty on roses?

they gave me a rose bush the twigs are covered with a layer of a kind of wax (unfortunately I am very ignorant and at my first steps with gardening) what should I do? thanks

Wax on roses: Answer: putty on roses

Dear Mariangela,
roses are very popular and cultivated shrubs, although unfortunately most of the people who take care of the garden or the terrace tend not to get much information on the development of their plants, contrary to what you do, that you have asked an interesting question that we it allows to deepen a fundamental characteristic of roses. The hybrid roses found in the nursery are grafted plants, which flourish several times during the year; this feature is due to the fact that modern roses produce flowers on new branches, those that we see sprouting at the end of winter. For this reason, even the roses that we find in the nursery, are sold pruned low, to make sure that the first abundant and luxuriant flowering takes place at the buyer's house, which will fully enjoy the flowers.
To stimulate the roses to flourish again, after each flowering the branches that have brought the flowers are pruned, quite low, even if they are in full vegetation; this operation, which is repeated several times over the course of months, leads to the production of various branch stumps, from which lateral shoots will be produced, which will bear the new rose buds. To prevent too much sap from coming out of the stumps, or that fungal diseases penetrate the cut branches, they are covered with wax or mastic for pruning, which is nothing other than a kind of vinyl glue, mixed with a fungicide and dark colored, in so that it hides in the branches. In this way the roses, pruned low, quietly wait in the nursery for someone to buy them to plant them, so that they develop; with the passage of time the stumps of the branch will heal, and near them the new branches will develop, and the wax will tend to deteriorate, and will no longer be visible.