Red spider

Red spider

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Question: red spider

hi can anyone tell me how you can get rid of the little red spider as well as the whiteness? since I've been fighting for almost a year !!! thanks !!

Answer: red spider

Dear Marco,
they are called red spider mites of the tiny mites that nest on the plants, giving as a main symptom a generic yellowing of the foliage, with consequent deterioration of the plants, which is generally associated with the presence of small and thin cobwebs, without it being possible to notice the presence of insects on diseased plants; this happens because the mites of the leaves are decidedly small in size, and cannot be seen with the naked eye, unlike the true red spiders, which are a few millimeters large, and do nothing to the plants, in fact, in general they are of the excellent predators of harmful mites.
The red spider mite is not difficult to control in the garden, although common insecticides (including white oil) often leave it completely undisturbed. Against the red spider it is necessary to use specific acaricides, as a mite is not an insect, but an arachnid. Unfortunately the acaricides go to kill even the spiders in your garden, which work very well as a biological control against many insects (including harmful mites, and mosquitoes). For this reason, in general we tend to avoid using insecticides and acaricides in the garden, unless the plants attacked by the red spider mites are found in pots on the terrace; in this case it is quite simple to treat only the diseased plant, leaving the useful insects in the areas around it free to develop.
Pyrethrum-based products appear to be quite useful against red spider mites, even if they work by contact, and therefore you should do many treatments before eradicating the mites, as adults and eggs are certainly present on your plant. In addition to this, on the market it is possible to find Italian companies that can market antagonist insects; these insects are able to keep the population of harmful mites under control, without harming your health, your plants, and useful insects.