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Question: what affects my little roses?

I have a small seedling of roses months ago I changed the land and cut the branches xke was full of little animals ... clean it and put it back in pot ... but it grows and the leaves have different white spots ... ke then they turn into holes ... what can I do? ???thanks

Roselline: Answer: the roses in a vase

Dear Aldo,
with a good probability your small rose plant is affected by some fungal parasite that has colonized the leaves; to cure the plant you can give it a systemic fungicide, you can find it in the nursery, it is administered only once to the plant, with the water of the waterings, and it enters the circulation, therefore it also prevents the recurrence of other diseases in the coming months. Not having a picture with the leaves of your roses, I do not exclude that it may also be insects, for example leafhoppers or small caterpillars; in this case you will have to use an insecticide, also wanting in this case systemic, since the plant is in pot. In this case, however, you should see on the foliage the presence of small insects, which nest under the leaves, or even on the twigs; if you don't see it, I find it unlikely that your plant's problems are due to insects, and therefore uses only the fungicide. Roses are plants often subject to attack by various types of pests, favored by poor cultivation conditions, or by an inclement climate. Generally speaking, the more a plant is healthy, the better it can defend itself from the attack of fungal and animal parasites; for this reason I advise you to water the plant only when the soil is dry, avoiding water stagnation, and to place it in a well-ventilated and very sunny area, so that it can receive a good amount of direct sunlight every day. The roses produce their flowers on new branches, so after each flowering, it shortens the branches that carried the flowers, in order to stimulate the production of new shoots, and consequently of new flowers. If you are growing roses in the apartment, I suggest you move them outdoors, on the terrace or in the garden, because these plants do not like living at home: the climate is excessively dry, the light is always low and the ventilation is poor, and therefore home-grown rose plants tend to get sick more frequently.


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