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Question: tomato care

For some time I have discovered a great passion for agriculture and I'm starting to learn a little on my own or asking for information from those who understand more. I wanted to say that I planted several tomato seedlings and they are still young ... they advised me to start putting some sulfur ... but actually and what is it for? for a good and rigorous growth of the plants (which for the moment do not give problems) should I use something in particular? many thanks in advance

Answer: care for tomatoes

Dear Mario,
in the Italian vegetable gardens the tomato is one of the most cultivated vegetables, because it does not need many cures, it tends not to get sick too much and in general the tomatoes harvested in the garden have a unique taste and aroma, which are difficult to find in the tomatoes of the market .
Sulfur is a fungicide, which is generally used in the garden before the plants bloom, and immediately after fruit setting, so when there are no more flowers (or there are few), this is a product used mostly as prevention, against the most common fungal diseases, such as rust and powdery mildew, which may not even hit your tomatoes; you decide if you think it appropriate to do preventive treatments.
The tomatoes are easily cultivated, they are planted with a guardian, because they produce high climbing plants, in a sunny position, in a flowerbed worked in depth, and enriched with granular fertilizer or manure. The waterings are occasional, but abundant; every time the soil appears dry, it is abundantly watered, so as to wet it in depth; it avoids frequent and light waterings, because they favor the development of a very superficial root system, and very sensitive to climate and humidity; it also avoids watering too often between two water supplies, or your tomatoes will sooner or later show cracks, or they will tend to blacken.
Periodically practice the sfemminellamento, or remove the shoots that develop in the leaf axil that would make the plant too weak, without producing fruit.
Sometimes tomatoes need fertilizer rich in calcium, in soils that do not.